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How To Shop At Garage Or Yard Sales

Updated on July 6, 2012

If Going To Garage Sales - Plan Of Attack - What To Take

On Friday night I go onto the free websites that let people advertise garage sales like Gumtree or craigslist and egaragesales.

I start making list by suburbs and I always take note of the time they start and finish, first thing on Saturday mornings hubby gets the paper to finish of the lists.

I have found that most start at around 7am and finish lunchtime, so be ready for the run around.

Goggle maps is the best way to plan your attack of where to go so you are not wasting time going back and forward.

Start close to home and work your way out to other suburbs , or sometimes we work in a loop ending up to a suburb near home.

Small notes and change

Bottle of water

Fresh fruit to snack on

Hand moist wipes as you will be handling some dirty goods

Notebook with addresses and a pen

Boxes and shopping bags in the boot , most people who have yard sales do not have any

A Navman does help you get around quickly

Have a nice filling breakfast before you start

You also can not waste time when you are at a sale, get in look and get out

I always say you find 5 types of sellers

1. The dirty person who can not be bothered cleaning anything or sorting out there goods

2. The over priced person, they want top dollar and act like they are above you (snobby)

3. The person who has nothing priced but well set out

4. The person who wants to get rid of there stuff and sells everything cheap

5. The person who has no idea the stuff they are selling cheap is worth money ( my favorite person )

Now grabs some bargains and you can clean them up, sort them out and either keep them or resell them.

You can resell at your own well set up Garage Sale or put them on ebay.


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