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How To Shop Intelligently

Updated on October 27, 2011

The holidays are closing in, Soon, you will be rushing around looking for the wish list items, fighting crowds and parking. Even if you avoid it all and shop on the Internet, there are a few ways to do it with intelligence. Of course, if you only have a few people to buy for, it is very easy but if you have over 7, things can become a little messy when the people change their minds over and over again. Or, the items are not available and you have to wait and it becomes too close to the gift giving date. Buying on the Internet is, by far, the easiest, yet even there things can get messy with multiple screens being opened as you surf and when screens for no reason, freeze, forcing you to lose all your data or research and you must start all over again-this is SO irritating!

Try the following:

  • Write it down- those items you want after you have the wants of those in your family
  • keep the list with you or use a phone app so if you can rush to a store, you know what to get
  • Don't go crazy with buying and go over budget-keep it within sight
  • Compare item prices either using a phone app on the go or before you begin the trek, then go to the best price
  • Create a route map of the stores you plan to invade and the items they have that you want
  • Signup for mail alerts for the best deals if the Internet site offer them
  • Try to avoid the Black Friday sales
  • Save receipts for returns or item adjustments if the same item is cheaper at another store
  • As you buy, mark or remove the items from the list. You must find a safe and secret place to store the items until they are given
  • After you buy thin


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    • adamgt07 profile image

      Adam Garfield-Turner 6 years ago from Michigan

      This is an informative article.