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How To Use Affiliates On Your Site

Updated on August 14, 2009



The next few articles are going to cover Affiliates and what they mean to your site. I have been using affiliates on my site for over 4 years now. You will learn that finding out what works and what doesn't is a trial and error process as you will have to tweak your site until you find the ones that work correctly for you.

If you have already started with HubPages then you probably have a pretty good idea how affiliates work by what's offered here. There's no doubt that Google Adsense is #1 and if used correctly will be your main source of dependable income. This is where all your work with SEO and Backlinks all comes together.

If you've used my techniques from my previous posts correctly(SEO and Backlinks)you should already be seeing traffic coming to your site. Sign up for Adsense(if you havn't already)and set it up. Everything is straight forward so just follow the directions. HubPages doesn't allow you to use HTML(bummer)but if you've hopefully gone out and got your Domain Name and started either your Website or Blog you'll be able to Cut & Paste the Code given by Adsense into your HTML Editor on your site.

When I first started using Adsense and cut and pasted my first HTML to my site the ads came up in another language. If this should happen to you go to Adsense Help and there are instructions to help you get past this problem. Also, when first pasting the Code to your site the ads don't appear right away. Some people have reported it can take up to 24 hours so you have to keep checking back to see if they're there.

When designing your Adsense Ad you have full control over how the ad will look and feel on your site. You'd be surprised how much of an impact color, size and placement can have on your ads. That's why if it doesn't work one way go back and keep tweaking until it does.

Google is great at producing Relevent Ads for your site but always check to see what type of ads are coming up once you've added the code. If you're getting ads about Finding Women in Russia and your site is about Children's Clothing you've got a problem but a fixable one. For every question you have about Adsense Google has an answer. Just go to the help section.

Once you have Adsense running the way you want it(which could take a while)it's time to start looking for other Affiliates to put on your site and there's hundred to choose from. Finding a good Affiliate takes research so you can separate the good from the bad. Some Affiliates offer more than others in regards to your Percentage of Commission. Some pay you only after you've reached $100.00 in commission while some will pay more on your CPC(Cost Per Click).

Look for the ones that are in the middle of the pack.You may be able to find an Affiliate that will pay you after you've reached $10.00 but your CPC may be less,it's all up to you. See which ones work and which ones don't. Besides backlinks, this part of the program could take the longest as you'll be tweaking your Affiliates all the time. Some may work for a week and then you'll notice a significant decrease by the end of the second week. Try another ad or move to another site.

Your ads will generate more income around Christmas and all the other major holidays. Make sure your ads reflect that. You don't want ads for Valentine's Day running during the month of December. It's all common knowledge but you have to constantly be aware of what's going on with your ads.

On my next part of this series I'll have a list of the my Best Affiliates. These are the ones that I use so you can be sure they're all great quality.


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