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How To Use Finviz Screener for Stocks Tutorial

Updated on May 28, 2013

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Finviz is an awesome website for investors and traders.

Their main page has everything you need to know about the major stocks from each sector. The top gainer and top losers are listed so you know what is going on that day. The sector heat map is also excellent in telling you what the stock market is doing. It is pretty much a one page of excellent information.

Their stock screener is the best though. It is free and easy to use. I am going to show you how to use some of the basic functions of the stock screener.

Finviz Stock Screener

To access the Finviz screener, locate it on the third section of the blue tab on the top left on the screen. Once you get to the page, you will see their screener is separated into four different sections. They are Descriptive, Fundamental, Technical and All.

Before we go into that, let's look at the "Tickers" section. When you type in a stock symbol, it will pull the stock up for you easily. If you want to look at multiple stocks, type in the stock symbol of the first one, then use comma and type in the second one after that. It should look something like this:

For one:

Tickers: AAPL

For multiple:


This allows you to pull up all your stocks and make a comparison. It is very convenient.

Finviz Preset
Finviz Preset | Source

Screener Sections


This section only deals with general data such as volume, industry, market capitalization, country, short ratio. It is extremely useful of giving you how the stock is doing in terms of popularity.


Fundamental section deals with mainly the company's financials. This section is good for finding out how solid a company is by filtering their sales growth and debt/equity ratio. If you want to find excellent stocks, this is where you want to define your metrics.

I personally look at EPS qtr over qtr, debt/equity ratio, net profit margin, insider ownership and PEG. For my criteria of a fundamentally sound company must have:

  • less than 1.5 PEG
  • at least 10 percent growth
  • less than 1 debt/equity ratio
  • 5% or more net profit margin
  • at least 20% insider ownership

If it passes , then I look at the technicals of the stock.


This section is useful in filtering out stocks that are doing well or bad. Is it above the 20 or 50 moving day average? If it is then it is doing quite well. If it is below the moving day average, then it is not the strongest.

Of course, you will have to pay attention to the general stock market as well. If the general indices are heading higher and above the 50 day moving average, then a stock that is trending higher above their 20 day moving average signals a strong stock on the run.


This includes all the other 3 sections. You can put your filters here if you are okay with all of the sections together. Once you filter out the stocks, then you can look at them and decide if they are for you.

More Information

If you would like to look for more information on each stock, the screener has 14 different mini tabs that give you all kinds of info.


This gives you the company name, symbol, market cap, country, P/E and volume.


Gives you the companies PEG, EPS, price and volume.


This gives you the financials of the company such as price, sales growth and net profit margin.


Gives you short ratio, insider ownership and short ratio.


The stock's recent activity and price performance.


The data of the stock chart such as ATR, SMA 50 and if it had gap up or down.


This allows you to put all the different metrics you want in a stock. It is useful once you know what you are looking for.


This gives you the chart of the stock. Pretty self-explanatory.


Only gives you the ticker symbol.


The price change of that particular day.


This gives you a rough overview of the stock. Very useful if you are just looking for basic information.


For technical traders. Gives you the MA, ATR and chart plotting related stuff.


The most recent news of the stock. It is important that you know what the company is doing.


Like Basic, you get a good glimpse of every general detail about the stock. This is my favorite section that I use very often.

Finviz Screener Tutorial Conclusion

Hopefully, this will help you navigate Finviz better. They are an excellent website for traders and investors to find information about their favorite stocks. I highly recommend you use their screener. It is one of the best around town.


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    • shocks-n-scares profile image


      20 months ago from United Kingdom


      Great read - thanks for sharing!

      I am sharing my daily trades on HP,

      just goes to show that even after 3 decades in the "game,

      you manage to learn something new!

      Best Regards.



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