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How To Use To Get Great Discounts

Updated on November 7, 2011

Got your eye on a new PS3? How about an Xbox 360? Maybe even a Nintendo Wii? Too expensive? Think again.

Thanks to , it is super easy to get up to 40% off of these awesome gaming systems (and many other awesome products) with very little effort on your part. How much exactly is 40%? If the system you are looking at is normally 300 dollars, 40% off will leave you only spending 180. Quite the bargin.

Step 1: Create a account! This step is very easy. Just follow the directions on the website, filling out all the information accurately. This is VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure your shipping address is correct, otherwise you will not receive your purchases!

Step 2: Earn Points! Lockerz awards points for using their website for a number of different activities. The easiest way to earn the most points in the shortest amount of time is to watch the videos on Simply scroll to the 'Entertainment' tab on and click 'Videos'. Chose the videos worth the most points (the ones worth 30+ points) and watch them! You are allowed to watch each video 3 times for points. If you run out of videos, scroll down and browse to a new page. Some videos are only worth 2 points, so avoid these in the interest in gaining points quickly. Every so often a special series of videos will be worth lots of points, even up to 300 each time you watch them. This can make gaining points very quick and easy. At the time I wrote this, it cost 4,000 points to get 40% off of a PS3 bundle worth 300 dollars. After watching a couple videos I was up to 4,000 points in no time.

Step 3: Look for deals on your main Lockerz page. Normally it can cost you several thousand points to get 40% off of expensive items such as a Playstation 3 or an Xbox 360. Simply wait until a special is promoted on your main page an click 'Shop Now' on an item you want to purchase! If you cannot find the item on your main page you can also click 'Shop' and trying finding it through the screen that follows.

Step 4: Use your points to get your discount! Once you have enough points (depends on what item you would like to purchase) click on the item. The screen will give you a description of the item as while as a green slider which allows you to select your discount. Sliding the slider all the way to the right will use the most points as well as give you the largest discount. If you do not have enough points, it will turn red. If you need more points, just go back to Step 2!

Step 5: Check out like any other Online store Just follow the onscreen instructions and check out like you would any other online store! When I purchased my Playstation 3 Bundle it took only 5 days to ship using the free shipping method.

It seems too easy to save hundreds, but believe me, it is legit! Great way to shop for Christmas now and save a bundle with just a little clicking on your part.

*Some items that are not featured will cost a ridiculous amount of points to get a small discount on. Avoid these unless you have plenty of time to earn points. Check your main page for the items requiring the least amount of points to receive a discount on
**You can also earn points by posting photos and answering the daily question. You receive 10 points per photo posted (limit 10 per day) and 2 points per question answered (limit 1 daily and up to 2 bonus daily)
This hub was created on Monday November 7th at 10:14pm CDST and was current at that point! Feel free to let me know if this is not one hundred percent clear by posting your questions as comments below. In addition, if the site has changed from the method indicated above, I will change the hub to the best of my ability.


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