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How To Use For Real Estate

Updated on June 12, 2011

Using Online Social Media To Find Deals

Lorena Gerlach here with the Real Estate Profit Coach. I often get questions on how to find local investment groups, or how to do an email blast when you’re just starting out and don’t have an extensive contact list. One of my preferred tools is Meetup. Meetup is an online social network that has clubs on specific topics of interest.

Go to On the right hand side of the page, type in “Real Estate Buying & Investing” as a topic or interest. Type in your zip code. If you are in a smaller area, type in a zip code from the nearest large city to you.

Click Search.

The MeetUp groups nearest to you will show up. You can join one, or all. I am a member of multiple MeetUps throughout the country. Joining does not mean you must attend the group meetings, although why not? Remember, you are in a relationship business, and people, even investors, like to work with people they know.

When you first join, and membership to most Meetup Groups is free, you should set up your profile. You want other members to know about you. Click on profile and complete your pertinent information.

Most Meetup groups allow you to email all members. This is a feature that is extremely useful to get your message out quickly, whether you have a house to sell, looking for housing or money for a deal.

Select your desired Meetup group. Click on the Mailing List feature on the left hand side of the page.

The upper right hand corner of the page should list the group’s email address if it’s available.

Simply cut and past the Meetup Groups address into your preferred email delivery system. One of the emails I sent out to Las Vegas area groups stating my desire to buy a property recently is below. will limit you to 3 email blasts in a 24 hour period, so time your blasts appropriately.

You can also click the Members area and see the specialty for each member. This enables you to send a personal emails targeting a members special interest. The Meetup may limit you to 20 such emails during a 24 hour period so be selective, or make sure you’ve timed your solicitations to meet your needs.

I’ve used this technique in multiple markets and generally have a very good response. Happy hunting! Screen Shots


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