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Use PayPal for Pizza

Updated on February 28, 2014

PayPal as a Payment Method

Many people utilize PayPal as their internet based payment processor. PayPal is widely accepted and allows users to make purchases online without disclosing their credit card or bank information. Their 248-bit encryption is a safe and appealing feature for many user.

Further, PayPal has buyer protection policies to protect users. It is set up as insurance on most purchases. Much like a credit card, if you make a purchase and don't get what you paid for, or anything at all, the buyer protection plan is there to mediate a settlement with the merchant. If that fails, most transactions are eligible for a refund.

I myself use it often for just those reasons. It is also a popular and convenient way to accept and send money. When I do freelance writing work, I often invoice clients via PayPal's easy "Request Money" feature. There is a downside though, as they charge three percent of money received as a fee.

Tip: If a client wants to pay though PayPal, explain that you will include a three percent fee to their invoice to cover the PayPal fees.

Guide to Use PayPal for Pizza or Amazon

Use PayPal for Pizza

Only weirdos and wackos don't like pizza. That is not to say that those who like pizza are not weirdos and wackos too.

If you have money in PayPal and wanted to order pizza, you were probably as surprised as I was to find out none of the major chains accept it. There is a workaround. A service called PayPizzaPal will accept PayPal for pizza e-gift cards to Pizza Hut, Papa John's, and Domino's.

NOTE: There have been multiple reports of scam sites and bad experiences at sites which have copied PayPizzaPal. This hub only endorses the legitimate website at Please follow the safe shopping list below when shopping at any site.

If you are in a major metropolitan area, GrubHub may be an option as well. They accept PayPal and offer a third party service to place your order from participating restaurants. Often, this is offered for restaurants that don't even otherwise offer online ordering.

Both of these services will cost you a bit for the convenience. As covered, PayPal charges a three percent fee to accept money, so they need to cover that in addition to the cost of the order/gift card. PayPizzaPal does this through a transparent service fee ranging from three to five dollars. GrubHub's menus reflect inflated prices from the standard menu, but also pass on their costs to the restaurants themselves.

How Do I Download the Pizza?


How do you use PayPal?

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PayPal Drawbacks

Let's face it, if there were no drawbacks this Hub wouldn't exist. PayPal is not accepted everywhere you may want to use it and takes time to transfer to your account.

There are horror stories of people claiming PayPal held their funds for long periods or even indefinitely without justification. I have no way to substantiate these claims definitively. The number and consistency of the claims gives me pause, though. As PayPal is not held to the same standards as banks, I do not keep a large balance in my account. I suggest you don't either.

The much more common annoyance is that you have to link your PayPal account to your bank account and wait roughly five business days in order to withdraw funds. When you want to use PayPal for pizza tonight, it's pretty inconvenient. Hence this hub to extend your options.

PayPal for Pizza Tonight!

If you want to see this guy tonight, instead of in three to five days when your money hits your debit card, this hub is your solution!
If you want to see this guy tonight, instead of in three to five days when your money hits your debit card, this hub is your solution!

Shopping Online

Whether ordering pizza or buying a computer, it's important to always be careful when conducting commerce online. Those reading this hub are likely savvy to many of the pitfalls of e-commerce, as you are using PayPal as a payment processor.

While their buyer protection policy is great, it is not flawless. The buyer is not covered for digital goods at the time of this hub. Of course, it's also important to make sure you don't share your account information with anyone. No merchant should ever ask for your PayPal password. If they do, leave the site and report it immediately.

Some sites are more scrupulous than others. It's important to do your due diligence before placing an order with a site for the first time.

Safe E-Shopping Checklist

  • Check the domain age by doing a quick search for the "whois" information. Use caution if the site has been around less than a year.
  • Look for a phone number. Most reputable sites offer a customer service phone number. If a site only offers email support, or worse none at all, be wary.
  • A physical address is a good indicator that they are a legitimate business. Those with no address are often suspect.
  • Find, and read, their Privacy Policy. If there is none, proceed at your own caution. If the policy present leaves you open to endless spam or sells your information, know what you are in for.
  • Terms of Surface should also definitely be present and at least skimmed.
  • Any time you are entering sensitive information, like your PayPal password, ensure you are on a page with httpS, as opposed to just http. The "S" stands for secure, as in a secure socket layer. It should also be accompanied by a padlock icon in your address bar. Never enter sensitive information on a page where these are not present.

We're Not the Only Ones Who Like Pizza

Pizza Chain
2012 Sales
Number of Locations
Pizza Hut
11.2 billion
6.9 billion
Papa John's
2.6 billion
Little Caesar's
1.45 billion
California Pizza Kitchen
715 million

Permanent Solution

This Hub aims to help you out of a temporary fix. If you find yourself in a situation like this often - i.e. needing immediate access to your PayPal funds - you should look into applying for their debit card.

If approved, it works just like a debit card from a bank. You have access to the money in your account through ATM or direct point of sale. They carry a Mastercard logo and can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

As a bonus, you get one percent cash back on all signature purchases. This means anytime you sign for a purchase, or most online transactions, earns you one percent cash back. That is like a free slice with each pie!


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