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How We Can Save Them. Or Who Is Responsible For This You or I

Updated on September 27, 2014

The Helping Mother

Going To The Facts

Everyday the parents force their children to drink, eat chapatti, fruits etc. But they don’t need it. The parents keep it for hours and finally put in the dustbin. Nobody is bothered about his wasted food neither the parents nor the children.

Work sincerely

According to my view, doctors, Nurses, health & social workers should go to them and treat the patient free of cost. We should make them aware what is happening around them?

As a Human Being we should work for the well being of poor people also ?

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Helping Hands

What is your aim

Dear friends, what we people can do to uplift?


  1. Are you willing to become a doctor? ‘ Work for the poor without greediness for money”.
  2. Are you willing to become an engineer? ‘Don’t seize the money of government and other people.
  3. Are you willing to become a government employee? ‘ Don’t bow your head toward bribe”.
  4. Are you willing to become a teacher? “Don’t work for money” work to make a good generation.
  5. Do you like to become a political leader? “ Don’t think to a improve your economic back ground” Work for welfare of the whole nation.
  6. Are you willing to become a writer or a poet? “ Move your pen against the social disparity”.

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Love the humanbeing

Think and do to the welfare of commom people

Don’t avoid poor people, provide care to them. What ever field you are, act sincerely do right, nation will rise itself, SURELY.

The poor slums

But I would like to introduce a different group of people. I am talking about the poor people who live in streets, slums, or the poor villagers most of the people in the country are poor. Their condition is very pathetic.

Think who is responsible for the condition of those people and their children, you or I?

The responsibility goes to whoom

  1. Several children are there with protruded eyes, cracked skin due to malnutrition, who is responsible for this? You or I?
  2. Most of them are mentally retarded.
  3. Some were lying near the roadsides suffering from cold
  4. Some were lying near the roadsides suffering cough
  5. Some were lying near the roadsides suffering high temperature
  6. Some were lying near the roadsides suffering leprosy
  7. Some were lying near the roadsides suffering cancer.

There is no end to their problem. Who is responsible for this miserable situation? You or I?

I can’t express the feelings through the tip of this pen.

Don't try to washout your hands

To my dear friends, Do you ever thought about poor peoples and if not then start thinking about them now. About 75% of India’s population lives in this level. India’s soul lies in these people about 90% of them are below poverty line. But what is the problem with our country? Who is responsible for this status, off course the society including you and I, the rulers of our country, all are equally responsible no body can washout their hands.


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