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How YouTube Frauds Like Natasha DeLima (Truth Natasha) Rob REAL Charities of Donations

Updated on February 9, 2019
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Salvation Army Donor Member. A Notary Public, blogger and Singer/Songwriter recording artist on ReverbNation under Cheryl Merrill

Who is Natasha DeLima of the Trump News, Natasha Truth YouTube Channel?

Natasha DeLima, Truth Natasha YouTube Channel arrest photo after attempting to kidnap a neighbor's child.
Natasha DeLima, Truth Natasha YouTube Channel arrest photo after attempting to kidnap a neighbor's child. | Source

Truth Natasha Channel Attacks The Salvation Army After Asking for Donations

Truth Natasha DeLima Criminal Claims Insider of Trump White House

Truth Natasha YouTube Channel Attacked The Salvation Army of Being a Fraud Charity. Really?

After watching a video by the Trump News, Truth Natasha Channel attacking a charity of being a fraud that I'm a member of, The Salvation Army, I wanted to make sure Natasha really felt that way. Maybe Natasha was just being lazy on the level of gossiping versus genuine reporting so I sent her a message via her PayPal donor page. The message was as follows:

Dear Ms. DeLima:

I am asking you to reconsider your defamation of The Salvation Army in the header of your latest video, this charity does good work based on Godly principles. Unlike the Red Cross, The Salvation Army is well established as a genuine contributing charity to the homeless and needy. Your headline associating this charity lumping it in with the Red Cross without providing any genuine report or back up just referencing an SGT Report on the Red Cross is insufficient support for such an egregious statement.

Sometimes we get sloppy in alternative news reporting. You need to be cautious when you are tired from a long day of legal work from attacking an organization that does a lot of good work in communities around the country and here in San Francisco. Please edit out the Salvation Army in your header and that should suffice to solve this unsupported statement you made without supporting your accusation.

You may keep the dollar I donated in order to obtain your contact information. I appreciate some of your video work and hope you will continue to do good work. Thank you.

To my utter shock, this is the response I received from Natasha DeLima:

"Cheryl, cyber stalking and threatening me is in fact a crime.
I happen to know for fact even my own local Salvation Army did steal donations, money etc and I have done my research.
How DARE you try to obtain my personal email address in this way, and from here you are blocked, and I am going to refund your fraudulent Dollar in order to obtain my email.
Just because you have a branch that was doing something good, other branches are not. In fact my local one, hired people that sold donations and profited it in their pockets.
So you need to do research before you ever try to contact anyone w/ threats, and you do not get to tell me or anyone else who has done research what to do or not do. You can also start a channel, and point out your knowledge of a good branch, and pray that they do clean up the ones that are not.
You are blocked of my comments on my channel, and if you contact me again, I will be contacting the police
You need to be smarter on here, and obviously as a stalker, you are not paying attention to the consequences of those that threaten via the internet. You are blocked from commenting as well, and please do not even attempt to open up another channel, and try to control my narrative.

Since you have a channel, you can use your own free speech to defend your view point, but you had better think twice before you scam a channel to obtain data to them privately, and cyber stalk them to try to alter their research and things they have spent hours trying to put into a factual video.
Sick people pollute the internet, and when you try to cyber bully, you in fact are the problem, and very out of control.
Do find another channel, other than mine, and be more careful.
You do not control the entire internet, or any organization that you happen to like, I actually have facts that back up my content and like many charities, the goods and or money does not end up in the right place, as sad as it is. You should be more concerned to have this corrected, than attack anyone pointing out what they in fact, do know.
You also need to change your mannerisms in order to be heard.

After reading Natasha's shocking response, I realized maybe a few of these YouTube Channels need a reality check of whether or not they're really deserving their viewers money at all, especially when they're attempting to accuse a genuine charity of being a fraud.

I recall the begging by YouTuber Christopher Greene of Alternative Media Television (AMTV) claiming he was the only one standing up to the bad guys last year only to discover he became a multimillionaire bragging about his Bitcoin bonanza! In other words, Christopher didn't need my $25 at all and later went off the deep end from his former investigative news media genre into "how to get rich with Bitcoin" seminars. I asked for my donation back due to the deception and fraudulent representations and am still waiting for the check to arrive.

Christopher Greene at AMTV Begged For Donations, Then Did This Video

YouTube Cons Out To Get Big Cash with High Emotional Content

I have a small budget for donations to certain YouTube Channels but my number one priority is the REAL charities that do REAL labor to serve others by feeding, clothing and helping in times of disaster. In my opinion, The Salvation Army is the best charity. I was even temping for them back in the 1980's near Marineland in Southern California with a front seat view of their headquarters. I was very impressed with their charity.

I hope others will do their due diligence as I have that some of these YouTube Channels are dishonest and deceptive. If you do the math, all it takes is a very small percentage of their subscribers to donate $5 and they have a pile of money for doing nothing compared to The Salvation Army and the like. Meanwhile the charity that brings genuine help to the needy is being denied when it acts in good faith to do what's right.

When considering whether or not to donate to YouTube Channels, please reconsider that you're potentially denying genuine charities of what's due for their act of good faith doing work on behalf of those who are in dire need.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Cheryl Meril


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