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How and Where to Get Free Food

Updated on March 20, 2018

Food Bills can be Huge!

For many people, food is one of their biggest expenses, in fact, the average spent on food and non alcoholic drink in the UK is around £56, that's a staggering £224 per month! Some people have no objection to this and don't mind paying well over the odds for their food, and others are a little more conscious of their weekly spend. But there are places that you can get free food, you might not be able to live on it, but it will help to bring your food bills down.

Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own fruit and vegetables has so many benefits, it means you know that the food you are eating is pesticide free and locally grown. It means that you can produce so much food for a fraction of the cost of buying it, and it helps you to learn a little bit about gardening and get some exercise.

Even if you don't have very much room, you can use window boxes to grow your own food, you will be surprised at how much you can grow, even without a garden.

If you need more room, look to see if your local council has any allotment plots to rent, they are normally really reasonably priced and you can grow so much more.

Store Cards

Lots of store cards will offer you a free meal or a drink once you have a certain number of points. Some places even offer a free coffee with no spend at times, or a reward for downloading an app.

Do a search of the store cards you have and see what offers they have running at the moment. And even if you only use a store very occasionally, get a card, they are free and you could end up with free food!

And keep an eye out for in store magazines, I recently got a free hot drink from Tesco using a coupon from their magazine, plus they always have other coupons in there for a range of different products.

Do you have a lot of store cards?

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Volunteer for Free Food

Many local farms are looking for people to help pick produce or work on their land, and whilst they might not pay you, many of them will offer a box of free fruit and vegetables as a thank you for your efforts. It's a great way to meet new people, get some exercise and get some free food!

But it's not easy work, it's manual labour and there is a lot of bending and carrying so if you struggle with these things it might not be for you.

Product Trials

Places like Pinecone research, BzzAgent and Opinion Outpost offer product trials all the time and some of these are food. You get to try the product and give your opinion on it, and get rewarded with money at the same time too! Normally the only thing they ask is that you keep the product out of sight of anyone else and don't talk about it to anyone apart from them.

And you need to keep to this, if they find out you have told people you could be sued, you sign a contract and telling people breaches that and leaves you open to a legal nightmare.

Free Samples

They might not be big, but they're free! Scour the local supermarkets for free samples, and get chatting to whoever is giving them out, they might end up giving you more. I was once given 4 bags of a new type of chocolate because I told the man giving them away that the original version of the chocolate was my favorite!

Dumpster Dive

This isn't for the faint hearted, dumpster diving can be pretty messy, but it is free. And the reason it is so popular is because a lot of stores throw away perfectly good food because it has passed its "best before" date or because it doesn't look pretty.

There are different rules in different places when it comes to dumpster diving so always obey the local laws.

No Waste Supermarkets

These are springing up all over the country, food is donated to them that is near or past its best before date, and the retailer then sells it at a really cheap price. You get cheap food and it stops food from being thrown into a landfill, everybody wins.

These Ideas Could Help Save You Money on Food

Getting food for free might not be reliable enough to live on, but it can help reduce your food bills every month and save you a little extra money.


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