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How can you make free bitcoin?!

Updated on July 23, 2016

What you will need & What you need to start with?

First of all your going to need..

  • A Desktop or Laptop (Preferbly a stable machine)
  • Good/Stable internet connection
  • FREE Bitcoin wallet (I'll explain a little this better below)
  • An hour to get started!

So to start off with is your free bitcoin wallet, There are two options here for this you can either
1. Go to a bitcoin wallet website, Register and use that wallet to store the bitcoins (Not safe & wouldn't be recommended!)
2. Go to CLICK HERE, You can download your free bitcoin wallet as an application on your desktop, laptop or even your smartphone which personally i find much easier & safer.
(This will take some time to download on your desktop or laptop but you may still use the wallet for receiving payments to your bitcoin wallet address code but will not be able to see transactions until it is fully downloaded & Fully updated to its most recent update)

I would also like to mention before we start that we will be getting SATOSHI, This is STILL bitcoin as you use bitcoin you can send over very small amounts of a bitcoin which is called Satoshi, I will explain it like this....
When you get 1 pence x 100 pence will add up to 1 pound OR 1 cent x 100 = 1 dollar. It is the same respect for the BitCoin (1 full Bitcoin is lots of Satoshi).

The Next Step!

The step after that is where we are going to start gathering your free Satoshi, This is where things may put you off but please stick with it as it is all worth the little bit of work required (this will take around 30-40 mins to complete but please give yourself up to an hour to finish).

So firstly you want to find you're FREE bit coin website (I will add a list of those below for you to use!)
Next you want to follow the links and sign up to the website(s), Please remember that the "address" box is the personal link to your bitcoin wallet (you will have to create this link inside your wallet).
After that you are going to want to sign in to the website and all finished, You can start making Satoshi!
Finally i would advise you to sign up to all the sites listed to make the most of the free Satoshi, & too gain BTC at a greater speed! PLEASE NEVER PAY FOR THIS SERVICE AS THEY ARE FREE!

FREE Satoshi Links - Super easy & simple, Fill in the captcha, press claim & Done! (You can claim free Satoshi every 20 mins) - Simple & easy again as all you need to do is send the sons out to look for your satoshi (every 20 mins) & you get 2 free every minute so it will only keep building! - This is a satoshi site with a little twist, you can gain them free every 5-10 mins, You can play games to gain even more & they also have a great chat room to interact with all the others! - Super easy & simple, Fill in the captcha, press claim & Done! The best thing about this site is you can claim ever 5 mins! - & Again super easy & simple, Fill in the captcha, press claim & Done! This site you can claim every 20 mins. - This site is similar to the 2 above but its every hour and you gain a good stack for that hour to & not only that but you gain lotto tickets for every time you claim & could win A LOT of bit coins just for 2 mins work! - This site it a mining site, you just leave it to do its thing but check it every hour or two & You can also choose to "hack" people and maybe steal some of theirs too! (Its a feature they have, Don't really try hacking them), It's a great site so i would recommend giving it a look at.

These links are all free and easy to sign up to, They are what i have use, used or came across (more to be updated!)

So How Does This Work?

Well the question on your mind will most probably be " why would they give them away for free & how will i get them? "

First lets start with why they would give something away for free!
The thing is for a currency to be worth anything and keep its worth you need people to use, This is where you come in! Bit coin has gained A LOT of miners over it's time & The sites i have given you are similar to mining it BUT This way is just more fun & You cant get caught out by scammers.

The final question is how will i get my free Satoshi?
That's an easy question, When you first register to the sites listed you will be asked to provide a "address" this is NOT you're home address rather this is you're address from your bit coin wallet (I will explain your bit coin wallet below in a little more detail ), When you register this address with the site that address will be used in transactions to send over your free satoshi and it will build into full bitcoins in your wallet!

Need Information On Your BTC Wallet?

This is a place to store all your Satoshi / BTC (BitCoins) in one easy & simple place, You can get your transaction address to receive payments or you can simply send payment to the other person(s) bitcoin wallet address. (The whole process is normally around 10 mins!)

  • You can get a BTC wallet on your smartphone!
  • Only ever use transaction codes once if you only need it the once!
  • You can make as many or as little transaction codes as you need as and when you need them!
  • Bitcoin transactions are public on the public ledger but will not give out any public information about the person(s) who made the transaction.
  • Please be sure to BACKUP your wallet and keep it safe & Make sure your anti-virus is up-to date and secure.
  • Keep all transaction codes private as they are only yours (unless using a deposit code)
  • Never send your bitcoins to anyone saying they can DOUBLE or even TRIPLE them it is a scam.
  • Your bitcoin wallet has ZERO insurance so if you do lose your bitcoins through any means (You forget them, they get stolen ect..) you are fully liable and there is no way to get them back by any means.
  • Last but not least NEVER use bitcoins for anything illegal.

If you really need more help or just simply want to know more or everything about bitcoin then please be sure to check out their website & the FAQ by CLICKING HERE.

Are BTC worth anything? If so what are they worth?

A full bitcoin is quite expensive regarding they are just digital currency! They are priced at how much you value them in respect but at the time of writing this (23/07/16) the price of 1 bitcoin is currently worth 501.77 British Pounds OR 658.30 US Dollars.

Now i'm sure you will all agree that is a LOT of money for something so little right? But if that is the case, make your bitcoins & sell them on! (If you have any bitcoins you wish to sell please use the link below as it is safe and verified as legitimate!)
Click here to BUY / SELL BTC!

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