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How familes can save money

Updated on October 15, 2011

Budget, Save and use Coupons

It is a cold hard truth that money just doesn't go as far as it use to. My Dad constantly tells me how he used to go to the movies, buy a comic and eat a hot fudge sundae all on $2, if you can believe that. I'm not even sure you could get a decent drink at the movie theater for that now. So what has changed well it has to do with inflation, which affects how much we get paid and how much products cost. If we were to look at how my Dad's wages to how much products cost in the 60's compared to our wages now it would approximately be the same. The average wage back then was about $3.50 an hour and now it is about $10 an hour which makes sense in the big scheme of things. Corporations never want you to pay more than your wages so they make products prices just under your wages. The reason for this strategy is so you would be able to buy their products once or twice a month and not have to save for it like you would for let's say Disneyland. However not everyone can do that because of medical expenses, children, low paying job etc, so we have to find ways of saving money but how?

From my experience I find it best to use the B,S,C, method which is budget, save and coupons. You can balance your budget by simply writing down all of your bills for the month and looking at how much net savings you have left over. By doing that you can recognize what unnecessary expenses you can cut and maybe not live paycheck to paycheck. Saving can be harder for some than others but it can be done. Every month or paycheck set aside $10, $20 or even $50 in a savings account and eventually it will add up. With savings set aside at least you can start gaining interest or if needed be used in case of an emergency. My last method is coupons. Coupons are basically free money that can save you a lot in the long run. Every time you shop you can save $15 or more which then allows you to support your family more efficiently thus relieving some stress and making your health better.

Since we've covered my methods lets discuss how to get coupons so we can start saving. First try because they have scanned the entire internet and posted the best coupons for you. Second try which gives you both coupons and fuel points. Once the fuel points accumulate you can save up to a $1 per gallon. Third and lastly you can try but they are limited in their supply so you may only get one or two worthwhile coupons per month. However in order to find them you have to do a site search by typing in coupons. These four sites will give you free coupons and all you have to do is print them out. There is a fifth website coupon site called Coupon Clippers but you will have to buy each coupon for at least 10 to 12 cents so obviously I don't use this one when I can utilize free ones. Then lastly there is the Sunday paper that usually has a couple pages of coupons in it. Now that you have the coupons you can organize and plan each shopping trip according to what is on sale and save approximately 20% or more each time.

In conclusion I think using the B,S,C method is the best way to help families whether they are big or small save money and help this economy turn around


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