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How i got cheap car insurance. You can too

Updated on December 5, 2011

How to get cheap car insurance

How you can save a lot of money on your car insurance.

Save money on car insurance. You'll be glad you read it.

In this day and age most people use the computer for things like, getting a good deal on insurance for the home or car, Utility bills etc. And you cant blame them with the economic crisis getting worse all the time.

So I thought I would give you some tips, on how I managed to get my insurance and my car insurance for my partner and family a lot cheaper.
Firstly wait till your reminder comes through the post. It will usually have a price on it for renewal, and as you might have guessed before you even open it its gone up.

Never pay that price. Why should you be penalised for being a loyal customer.
The next step is to go on some different comparison sites such as, go compare or money supermarket, or you could just try any car insurance.

Put your details in and get a few quotes, They will usually give you them straight away and will confirm them by email.

Take down the name of the companies with the cheapest quotes and their web site address and phone numbers. I have found that comparison sites are not always the cheapest. Then get the website addresses of the company itself up and put your details in, and get another quote. Do this with a few companies.

When you have done this phone the number of the company, and haggle with them and ask if that is the best deal you can get or,, are there any other ways that they can make it cheaper. It doesn’t always work. Sometimes they will tell you that they cant do it as cheap as their own website.

You can always also try your own company and tell them that you think they are a good company and don’t really want to change, But you are going to go elsewhere if they cant beat the offers that you have found elsewhere on the web. They will probably ask you what price and which company, So you can tell them (I have occasionally knocked a bit more off the price that I saw but it doesn’t always work). They will try to fob you off by saying their excess is lower or that they include other things. So be ready for them and say that the policy that you have seen also includes this or the excess is the same, you will find one that is if not when you do your quote it will normally ask you what excess you want to put on this. Do this with a few companies until you get the best price. You can really save yourself a lot of money doing it this way, It may take a bit of effort and time on your part but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Normally you would think that third party is cheaper that fully comprehensive, but that is not always the case so make them work for their money and get a quote on both. Also sometimes it is cheaper if your partner has got a car with their own insurance, to put you name on each others policy. Try asking them about this too because some companies do it cheaper. This is because most people think that more is more expensive so fewer people go for it, the insurance companies know this, so they make the ones that more people go for more expensive. Another psychological trick big companies play on us to get more money. Make sure you keep the different screens with the quotes on open at the time you are speaking to them on the phone, so that if they try to argue that they offer more or you need any details you have got it to hand. There is no reason why you cant use these tactics for a lot of your other bills too. Imagine how much you can save if there are two or more of you in the family.

You could even earn yourself some money by saving other people money, getting a good price for them and asking for a bit of commission in return.

Well I hope this has been useful to you and you manage to save a lot on your car insurance. Good look.

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