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How many Hubs does it take to make $100

Updated on February 15, 2014

For me, one of the reasons why I started writing with Hubpages was because it was a unique platform to share my opinion and knowledge on several issues and it has also provided me with the opportunity to make money passively.

It may not be so easy writing and publishing your first set of articles on Hubpages. It may be 10, 20 or 30 at the start before you relax but after many months of putting them out there and establishing a presence for yourself in the online community, you may be a bit worried that you are not yet getting the income you hoped for.

Some people are lucky to even earn up to $1 a week but for most people, especially the new ones or the ones with fewer hubs, it can be hard even getting any earnings in a day and one of the reasons is simply because they've written few hubs. One of the things I normally advise people to do if they really want to see more income from Hubpages is to first of all write up to 100 Hubs on the things they are naturally knowledgeable about.

For most people who want to make money from writing, Hubpages has provided them with a unique opportunity to do so but reaching the first $100 mark may not come easy for new writers.

How many Hubs does it really take to earn up to $100 from Hubpages? Do writers ever reach that limit?

Well, to answer the last question first, there are actually a few writers that do earn much more than that and some earn even up to $1000 on a monthly basis for Hubs they've written many years ago. You too could get there but first of all, you need to write some Hubs.

How many Hubs then does it take to earn $100? Well, it differs from writer to writer. For some writers, it may take only 100 hubs and for others, it may take up to 1000 hubs. Every Hub has a value and every writer has a unique writing value and so if you are the kind of writer that actually writes articles on topics that are in high demand, then you only need to write a few hubs just to make $100.

Mathematical Formula

Assuming I was asked to provide a mathematical formula for calculating the number of Hubs required to earn at least $100, It would be expressed as follows:

$100 = Number of Hubs * Value Per Hub

So the main things we need to consider are the number of hubs and the value per Hub. The value per hub is the quality of that Hub expressed in monetary terms and it puts into consideration a couple of things that generally adds financial value to that article.

Writer A may write Hubs that has a value of $1 each and for him, he only needs to write up to 100 Hubs just to earn $100 while Writer B may write articles worth $0.10 only and for him, he would have to write up to 1000 Hubs just to earn $100. So it depends from writer to writer because people are not the same and so don't provide the same quality of Hubs.

Factors that Influence a Hub's earning

There are 2 main factors that could influence how much money a Hub can make for the writer and these are: Hub value and Hub quantity

Hub Value: This is the financial value of a Hub and it takes into account a couple of things such as the quality of the hub, the page views and advertising channels used. Some writers are able to write hubs that inherently have a higher value than other writers and this may be because of the fact that they have a better education, good in English or just know how to write for traffic.

Why do you think that on freelance communities some writers charge a higher fee that others? It's because they provide better quality articles than others can do. A freelance writer from England would probably be a much better writer than one living in China or Nigeria.

Every Hub that is written has an intrinsic value and that's part of what adds to it's potential to earn money after being published.

Hub Quantity: This is basically the number of hubs that have been written by you. The more Hubs that are written, the more its potential to earn money. If you only write a few Hubs, then you'd make little money from traffic since you'd be getting only free traffic but the more the merrier. My suggestion is to first write a bunch of articles, say 100, and then you'd know which niche to focus on for more traffic.

Increasing your current income on Hubpages

Making more money from Hubpages does not really require a magic trick but common sense and some hard work.

How do you increase your Income from Hubpages? Well, given the issues we already raised above, you'd see that it basically requires improving on 2 main things which are your Hub value and Hub quantity.

Tips to increase your Hub value

  • Focus on highly sought after keywords: Like laser surgery, weight loss, tech solutions, investing and so on. Some keywords certainly draw more traffic better than others
  • Improve on your writing Skills: Don't use poor English, learn to improve on your writing skills and try to engage readers

Tips to increase the number of your Hubs

  • Decide on how many hubs you want to write: It could be on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Focusing on a number helped me write up to 100 hubs.
  • Create time to write: Don't be in a rush. Writing a good hub requires some time so you must be willing to spend some time
  • Get ideas from search engines: Sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing normally publish their most sought after keywords. You could easily build a topic on that and it should relate to a category on Hubpages
  • Focus on a niche: You could choose to write a lot of hubs relating to a particular niche such as ipads, memory cards, laser surgery, stretch marks and so on. It is much easier to write a lot of Hubs on a single niche than on several unrelated niches.


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    • Wizzywiz42 profile image

      Josh Mathew 

      4 years ago from Murphy,Tx

      is Google adsense the only way to make money on hubpages?

    • Wizzywiz42 profile image

      Josh Mathew 

      4 years ago from Murphy,Tx

      Oh,thnx dude. You're awesome. Do you like tech talk.

    • felix09 profile imageAUTHOR

      Felix Okoli 

      4 years ago from Nigeria

      @Wizzywiz42, I just wrote a hub on How to make money without Google adsense here:

    • VictoriaSheffield profile image

      Author Victoria Sheffield 

      4 years ago from Georgia

      good question!!!

    • Wizzywiz42 profile image

      Josh Mathew 

      4 years ago from Murphy,Tx

      Thank u so much for the info. My name is wizzywiz42 and I just started with hubpages. Could you please make a hub on how to make money on hubpages with Google AdSense (how to also) and without Google AdSense. Thank you, and in my opinion your a very good writer.


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