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How money affects our decisions and how it drives our life.

Updated on August 24, 2009

How money makes the world round

Money brings good and bad effects in our lives; mostly good because we cannot live without money and everything is acquired using money like the food we eat, our beverages, our clothes, our school tuition fee, utilities and everything. I bet you could agree with me if I say money makes the world go around unless if you’re a beggar. I bet everyone know what money is about, even young children already know the importance of money and ask for some coins for candies.

Nowadays, there’s no more direct barter as means of getting the things you need and want unlike during the early 1900’s. Everything has a cost or a price tag on it, even if other’s say money cannot buy everything. Yeah right, happiness cannot be bought but you can divert yourself in so many things to get happiness. Happiness is up to you, I can be happier if I have the financial freedom. Happiness is what we make it and it’s a journey not a destination. How do money affects our lives?

Good effects:

-          It can be means of appreciation to someone you love. You can buy gifts and give it to them making them feel special.

-          It can be a motivator. You give money to your employees as incentives so they work more effectively. They do make good performance because they wanted to get the money or cash prizes. Your child will do well in school because s/he knows you’re buying a Wii if s/he gets good grades.

-          It pays all the essential/ basic needs like food, shelter and clothes also the utilities (telephone, internet, car bills)

-          It pays for your wants thus making you feel rewarded for your efforts of working hard. You can buy the things you want to make your life better, a new car, new shoes, bags, chocolates and more.

-          It helps other people in means of donations and solicitations. Money can help other people’s lives.

-          It binds friendship, merging of new partnerships and uniting west and east. Money can unite people of different races, ages, gender and status of life; they can agree about money issues. Some companies do merge and improving sales and hiring more people and more people have jobs.

-          Money can be the first factor in your buying capacity or decisions

Bad effects:

-          It takes your time. Money needs time to gain it so you work long hours. You also set aside other priorities for choosing earning money.

-          It lessens intimacy in life making the person empty or hallow. Because you have money it makes you greedy and wanting more of it and most people tend to not appreciate getting only a portion thus working more and more and don’t stop. At the end, the person feels he lacks something in his life that cannot be filled out. Actually, it’s just relaxation time and a time to bow to God and appreciate what he had.

-          It destroys friendship and family ties. Some family quarrels over big lands and gold and even kill other family members just to take it out from the last will. It also destroys friendship when arguing about it, money is just so powerful that leads everyone do anything just to get it.

-          Money can destroy trust, love and happiness; need to say more?

-          It’s the source of greed. Makes a person not satisfied thus trying to get more of it not noticing he is already stepping at other people just to get what he’s aiming for – higher positions for higher pay.

There are more effects of money in our lives both good and evil ways, I’m sure you have more things in mind than this article says. I guess the best thing to end this article is a warning or a friendly advice that we should remember that Money isn’t our master and we are not money’s servants. We can get what we want but in a righteous/legal ways. Even if we get good money today in a bad way but 20 years later it will haunt you and the money you earned will vanish like water in your hand. Using money wisely can be a good thing and it can even help you get better in life.


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      Neeraj 3 years ago

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      Hannah Robinson 5 years ago

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