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How Much Money Will Make You Happy?

Updated on November 3, 2019

Will this make you happy?

money money money
money money money

Will a million dollars make me happier or healthier?

Just recently saw this quote from Bob Marley that goes as follows, “Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.” It sent me writing and also soul searching. It led me to ask the question how come pieces of paper with dead people on it become so valuable in our lifes today? And to think that money wasn’t always used however they had a bartering system of exchanging goods and services. To think that people before us never used money and some were living a lot longer and healthier is something that we really have to figure and to include my grandma’s age at the time of this writing is 87 and very much stronger and even healthier than me as I have no recall of her being sick or having any form of surgery. She grow up without having a lot of money or even owning a car but she farmed and ate her own food. We know money is needed to pay our bills, travel, buy food but when you look at the cycle of life itself not possessions how important is it? It cannot stop us from dying nor can we take it with us? In contrast, Bob Marley's last words to his son Ziggy was, "Money can't buy life." Yet for a lot of people most if not all of their life's centered around acquiring it. And in all this they are neither happy or healthy. Why is that so?

Money and true happiness.

Money will or may seem to give an immediate or temporary state of happiness but can not give true happiness to the human spirit. True happiness is from deep inside and not from material possessions outside! (car, house, clothes). Even more so happiness can be achieved more through experiences than buying things according to a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. According to a 2011 study homeowners weren't any happier than renters. Homeowners due to the costs of maintaining their new purchase of a home they had less money and time to spend on leisure activities. Although owning your own home is important, if not planned for it can turn into a liability and force one to work harder and take one away from enjoying life's experiences. Most people always want a lot of money, but what is a lot of money? People are always wanting more money thinking happiness will be found with that new car or new dream house and will spend their whole life trying to acquire it and before you know your time on earth expires and you still haven't found true happiness. True happiness for me comes from good health, time with family and good friends, and spending time with mother nature! So appreci-love yourself and others stay healthy, help others these i believe are our gifts on earth! And love your family and friends! You will not be here forever nor will they that is just the reality of life! So show your love while we can and manage our time, life and financial resources properly so we don't spend our whole life chasing money and no time to enjoy life itself.

Bob Marley asked about riches

Tips to having money and enjoying life

These are a few tips to ensure we don’t spend our whole life chasing money :

  1. WORK HARD. Preferably the earliest years of your life you will have to work hard, you might have to make a sacrifice where your free time is concerned. So for instance, you can’t go partying hard the night before you have to work. So you can put in a good effort and hours at work.
  2. WORK SMART. After you’ve worked hard for many years already there comes a time when you have to work smart. You will have to look beyond the 9 to 5, and become innovative and creative to create your own entrepreneurial or investment opportunities geared towards the future.
  3. Don’t overwork yourself live a balance life. If you overwork yourself you will eventually get sick and all that money will have to go the doctor which defeats the purpose of working hard in the first place.
  4. Try to keep your bills at a minimum
  5. Make fun activities at home instead of going out.
  6. Cook at home and refrigerate it, saves money and eat healthier.
  7. Avoid bad expensive habits such as drinking and smoking.
  8. Do not be wasteful – reuse/recycle things if possible
  9. Don’t buy things you don’t NEED.
  10. Don’t spend more than you earn. Self-explanatory but one of most important
  11. Don’t live above your means
  12. Don’t use your credit card if you don’t have cash to repay
  13. SAVE SAVE SAVE. Saving is one of the only ways you will someday experience financial freedom to enjoy life’s experiences. You already worked hard now you have to save so one day you can just work smart. I’ll leave you with a little formula FINANCIAL FREEDOM = WORK HARD + SAVE + WORK SMART

What would make you the happiest?

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