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How to Actually Make Money Online

Updated on January 5, 2017

The Stay at Home Mom Dream

The other day, i was scrambling to find a sitter, and my daughter asked me what a friend of hers was doing over Christmas break. I told her the little girl had a stay-at-home Mommy so she was staying home during her break. Then my daughter says "yea, because her mom married a Dr." Ouch. I don't really flaunt my singleness. In fact I usually just try to blend in with two parent families and hope no one notices. There's a stigma of sorts. Anyway, it really got me thinking about what i could do differently to bring in some extra funds this year without spending more time away from home. Maybe, one day, I too could be a stay at home mom. As they say on the Disney channel, "Dream Big Princess."


Everyone Has The Same Advice

I've been researching ways to make money from home for years. One thing I've found at this point is that everyone gives the same advice over and over. To spare you the time and reading I'm going to give you a rundown of what hasn't worked for me.

Donating Plasma - Yes, you can get paid for this. However every bum in your city knows this top secret information. You may be lucky enough to somewhere to sit, and then wait hours for your turn. Maybe not all centers are created equal. The one I went to was pretty unbearable.

The Grocery Apps - I guess with hard work and diligence you may receive a $5 gift card. I've found that my phone battery dies every time I try to scan something with shop-kick, or the screen just freezes. So close to that gift card. Same thing has happened with the 'snap your receipts' apps. They just magically stop taking clear pictures, or freeze, etc. Maybe some work, all the ones I've tried haven't.

The Surveys - I've never had the patience to stick with any of these, but they will spam your email indefinitely.

Sell on Ebay / Amazon - Sometimes no one wants to buy your stuff, the end.

Sell your Books - According to Book-Scouter pretty much everything I own is worth pennies, maybe a dollar max.

Start a blog - You have to pay for a domain, then create it, and draw traffic to it via twitter, Instagram, etc. Then you have to lace it with ads (google ad-sense, etc) You can use click-bank and an amazon store. It's a lot of work. At the end of the day you might make $0.03.

Free Lance writing - One way I actually did make money was O desk, which might be the Up-work now. People post things they need written and you apply. The thing is a lot of them are out to get free labor. They will say, "I need an example of your style, write about this topic." Next thing you know you wrote a paper for free. Be careful.



I'm sure there are ways to make money online. I would love for this to be my year. I hope the above information saved you some time, or maybe answered a few of your questions.

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