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Steps to Apply the Law of Attraction

Updated on February 23, 2013

I personally find the law of attraction an interesting topic to play with. If you look closely into the "think, believe, receive" concept, you'll find there is more to it than just asking the universe genie things that you want.

Others might argue however, that if the law of attraction is so real, how come there is war, poverty and conflicts in the world? Well, I am no expert but I would think that the answer to this question goes back to the like begets like notion of this very law.

If you want to stop poverty for instance, you would have to think more of prosperity and abundance; rather than trying to figure out how to cure away poverty. You may think the 2 thoughts are the same; however, they are not. One focuses on the goodness of prosperity and abundance; while the second thought delves on getting rid of poverty. The focus of which is still on poverty, something that is not good. Whatever you think of therefore, there will be more of.

That is according to the law of attraction, in any case.

What would you like to ask from the universe?
What would you like to ask from the universe? | Source

Applying the Law

Given the intro above, the first thing you need to do is to clear your mind from negativity. To apply the law of attraction in your favor, you should do a little mindset change. Attract more of the good stuff into your life by:

  • being genuinely happy
  • smiling more
  • using positive words
  • focusing on the good in everything (even on seemingly awful situations)
  • being grateful to every little things
  • being thankful for the things you have and things others have that you may not currently have

See what goodness you attract in your life if you try it even for a day.

Then, you should know what you want. You have to be specific. If it's a car, you should know the color, kind and model. If it's money, how much? If it's a job, which company, what position, what salary? It's important to be specific so that you can make it clear to the universe exactly what you want.

You must have heard of Vision Boards and Gratitude Journals. These are tools that can help you clear the mind to visualize more and more exactly what you want in life. They help you define your short-term and long-term goals.

After defining what you want, the next step is easy. You should ask for it. Thank the universe in advance for giving you that thing you want. Believe that it is yours. Believe that the universe will give it to you at the perfect time. Never doubt it at any point. It may delay the "delivery" of that thing you are asking for. You have to believe that thing is yours and let the universe figure out a way to bring it to you.

When an opportunity knocks on your door, know that it is time to act. It may be the universe bringing you what you are wishing or hoping for. Before you know it, you already got the car you want or the job or the girl/guy. Ever heard of the saying "opportunity knocks only once"? Well, that is true and false to some extent. Opportunity will come and go as they please. But, the opportunity for the thing/job/relationship that you are attracting at a certain point in your life, whether you know it or not, may come only once. So, when you have the urge to act on an opportunity, grab it! It's the universe giving your very desire.

In summary, you must:

  • Stay positive.
  • Know what you want.
  • Ask for it.
  • Believe that it is yours.
  • Truly believe that it is yours.
  • Act on it.
  • Receive it.

The law of attraction is this simple; so simple that it's silly to many. Don't sweat it when you attract things into your life. It should be as simple as breathing. In fact, acting on it wouldn't even feel like any work at all because when you are at peace with yourself, you would hardly notice that you're already acting on it and receiving that thing you are waiting for.


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