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How to Build Success on YouTube

Updated on September 29, 2014

Success! A word we are all familiar with, as our dreams peak our imagination every night our minds linger in a world we cannot yet see, but can by all means believe.


That's all you need to build success, belief! And a little hard work, dedication and perseverance. But it is the belief which pushes our dreams into reality, which will make you the ultimate you. Now, that's exciting.

The same logic applies to YouTubers, so take those dreams of being a YouTube star, if that is in fact what you want. Put a whole lot of hard work into the videos you create, and have a whole lot of belief, which will take you to the gates, bordering between dreams and reality, and from there, simply push the dream into reality.

However, I'm not here to give you a motivational speech, so if that's what you're looking for, you would probably be better off reading an article on motivational speeches to push success into your life, as here I'm going to tell you how you become a *success* on YouTube.

Follow on, if you are in dire need of some assistance in turning your YouTube channel (and dreams of what could be...) into a success.

YouTube- no.1 website for sharing videos
YouTube- no.1 website for sharing videos | Source

Step 1 - Getting the Views

This is essentially the first task at hand when uploading videos and it is only as hard as you make it. But first you need your channel to be appealing, but that isn't what we are talking about here. But your in luck, as the following link will help with just that: Making An Appealing YouTube Channel: Tricks, Tips and Essentials

So, down to business, getting views. YouTube is an online hub for video-sharing and watching videos. You need to get peoples attention, so if you are making videos; broadcasting film reviews, film news and upcoming film releases (trailers), then make them entertaining, as people want to be entertained at the end of the day. Be personal, and let your personality shine, so if you're fun, then be fun, funny, charming and people will watch your videos, subscribe and share with their friends.

Make sure you have a catchy, interesting and appropriate title for your videos which fits the bill. As if you are uploading a video of a review for the latest "Hunger Games" film, if you put the title as 'May the Odds Ever be in Your Favour', this is likely not to get views (still could, but not many). Whereas if you titled the video 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Review - 'May the Odds Ever be in Your Favour', this is far more likely to get views, as it tells the audience exactly what the video is all about.

The video description should be engaging, summarising what the video is all about. Also include here, links to social media accounts, similar videos (your own), and if you have them; blogs (links), websites (links), where you are able to promote your videos further and vice versa; promoting your websites and blogs.

Have appropriate tags for your videos, so if your video is of a cute cat purring hello, then have tags complimenting the video like, "cute", "cat", "funny", "hello", "speaking", etc.

If you do have a website or a blog which you are active on, then use it to promote your videos, reeling you're audience of readers into your videos. Or, if not, but you have a friend with a successful blog or website, then ask them to promote your videos. It really does help, at times even flooding views onto YouTube videos, which could be your own (videos).

Build a playlist on YouTube, giving viewers the simple opportunity to watch more of your videos after they end, making it simpler to get to similar videos, created by you.

Be on social media. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be on social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. The more, the better, as this can bring a shocking amount of viewers to your channels videos.

Ask viewers, yes, ask them, to like your videos, as this helps tremendously in ensuring that YouTube notices your videos, as their popularity grows. Giving your videos a better positioning on searches, which helps your viewer-ship in more ways than I can tell you.

'Simply click play' (YouTube 'play button' image)- the simplicity of YouTube
'Simply click play' (YouTube 'play button' image)- the simplicity of YouTube | Source

YouTube- Subscribers

Do you upload videos to YouTube? And if so, how many subscribers does your channel have?

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Step 2 - Getting the Subscribers

Reply to comments on your videos, when they are positive offering a positive reply, but never to negative comments, as if you reply negatively or even positively to these comments, then this will still come off making you look unprofessional, seriously affecting your views and subscriber growth.

Social media really is the golden ticket in terms of getting the views, and then the inevitable subscribers. As when you are active on social media, immediately, people have a way to find you, and what it is that you have to offer. You are able to interact with fans, telling them what you are doing and what they can expect to see next in your videos.

Be consistent, releasing videos, 3, 4, 5, 6 or even 7 times a week, doing them once a day if you have the time, as this automatically increases your chances of gaining more subscribers. People like consistency, as everyone whose watching your videos wants to know that there are more videos to watch soon, if they liked your videos, since subscribing to you means they want regular videos.

Have a channel background- allowing an instant attraction for your channels viewers, as they notice individuality and uniqueness when seeing your channel, increasing the likeability that your viewers will subscribe.

"Ask" Viewers- simply, by asking your viewers, you can get more likes, subscribers and more viewers (long term), and yes, you ask for those things (excluding the part about more views). Also ask your viewers to put in the comments section, what they would like to see in future videos, or ask the same question, but include social media sites for answering, as well.

Include a "call-to-action" in videos- giving viewers a place to go at the end of your videos (by leaving links to more of your videos, similar to the one they have just watched).

A Few Well Established, High-Flying, YouTube Channels with Plenty of Subscribers

YouTube Channel Name
Number of Subscribers
Channels Likeability
31 Million
18 Million
10 Million

Shout from the Rooftops!

Not literally, of course, but you get the point.

Social media- use social media to share your videos, talking about upcoming videos, talking about other YouTubers you like and by being personal; taking the time to talk about what you are doing, what you like, something funny you've heard or seen, since people like funny.

"Ask" viewers- during your videos, ask viewers, yes, ask viewers to share the video, as others sharing your video on social media sites will help bring more views to your videos.

Word of mouth- send your videos to friends, family and co-workers, as this will help gain more views to your videos, and hopefully this will lead to more views through these people.

Blog- start a blog or use an existing blog to talk about your videos, explaining what it is that your videos offer and why it's useful to them.

Step 3 - Getting the Exposure

When I mention, getting the exposure, I mean getting your YouTube channel name well-known, so it has the best chance of getting the popularity it so desperately needs, to get those well deserved views and subscribers.

A more in depth look at the different promotional opportunities, within your budget. Well, actually, these are all *free*, yes free, methods of getting that much needed exposure to your YouTube channel.

Here's a look at the options available:

  • Facebook- everyone's favourite site for venting about life, so why not get your YouTube channels name out there, using the site as a helpful tool, telling people on your friends list why your videos are worth the time to view. Hopefully, these friends share these videos with their friends, and so on, so forth.
  • Twitter- get into the habit of leaving a 'tweet' on Twitter every now and then, or more often, telling everyone about your YouTube channel, as well as general things, so you don't look like a spammer, but instead a real human-being.
  • Google+- an underrated social network, allowing the simple ability to share your YouTube videos with friends and the public, to gain maximum coverage. Again, put some general things out there as well (meaning, no YouTube videos), so that you do not look like a spammer.
  • Blog- why not start a blog, or use an existing blog to talk about your YouTube channel, its videos and what the YouTube channel offers, to reel in more traffic to your YouTube videos. The blog could even be on something more general, like your life, experiences, healthy living, films, or anything, and still, you can promote your YouTube videos, since well, it is your blog at the end of the day.
  • "Ask" friends, family and co-workers to share your YouTube videos (if they like them) with their friends and other people they know, via social media sites, to give your videos a better chance of getting views and possibly even going viral.

The Romans had their empire, now its time for you to have yours. A YouTube 'video' empire, that is.
The Romans had their empire, now its time for you to have yours. A YouTube 'video' empire, that is. | Source

Step 4 - Getting the Empire

Upload, upload, upload- keep your videos coming, making a regular inflow of videos to your channel, which are high-quality, useful and entertaining. This is essentially your empire, so make it fruitful with more videos coming out each day, each month, each year, until you suddenly have tens, hundreds and possibly one day, even thousands of videos under your belt, creating your empire.

Although, its more like building your empire, or more precisely, filming your empire.

Step 5 - Getting the Fame

This is generally done by getting 100's of thousands of subscribers, then millions of subscribers, who regularly come back to your channel to watch your videos. This will result in giving you a good living, or even a fortune, and all from simply uploading videos from the comforts of home.

So, you too could live this dream, but you need to persevere, believing in your channel, your videos, all, way, way, way before you get to the point of making a single penny from your videos.


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There you have it, 5 simple steps to making the YouTubers dream happen. Sounds easy, but then again, all of this was a 'helping-hand' guide, so, if this is your dream, then you are going to need to work hard and follow these steps, carefully.

Living the YouTube dream, is what this articles aim was to help you do, so if you've even learnt a single thing from this article, then it has achieved its goal.

No matter what you do, to succeed, you must persevere, putting as much effort and hard work into your videos as physically possible, in order to make them a success.

Again, good luck in your YouTube endeavours.

If there is anything which you believe should have been added to this article, which is missing, then please share this information in the comments box below.

Be sure to subscribe, for more YouTube 'help' articles, giving you the insight and knowledge you need to succeed on YouTube. This article has hopefully helped in doing just that, but there shall be more.

If you have any questions or thoughts, then please leave them in the comments box below, as I will make sure to reply as-soon-as-possible, as I am interested to hear your thoughts.

Thank-you for reading

"I do the research, so that you don't have to"

Your friendly movie, games writer: Craig Easom


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