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How to Buy Google Stock: 4 Steps to Get your Shares

Updated on April 5, 2013

Walkthrough: How to Purchase Google Stock

When it comes to investing, you often times want to put your money into companies that aren’t going to go anywhere anytime soon. Sure, any major corporation that is publicly traded can take some hits and tumbles, but there are some mainstays that aren’t going to be bankrupt or plummeting any time soon.

One of these major players in the technology world is none other than Google. While some might think the stock price is far too high to be worth it, others are quick to note that other major companies were once touted as “too expensive” and later comers invested, only to make serious gains. Couple this with another large tech company stock, and you’ll be sitting on a lot of money in the stock exchange.

For those that want to learn how to buy Google stock, the following guide will help you to move forward with the notion. It should be noted that you would need to have no less than around $800 to buy at least 1 stock note of Google. This is possible, but for those that want to put more into their portfolio, the following steps are going to be needed.

Step 1: Find a Broker Online

For the sake of this article, we are going to assume that you’re not going to simply go into an investment firm and talk to someone, but rather you’re going to take control of your money and purchase your own stocks. If that’s the case, you’ll want to find an online stockbroker. This is going to save you a lot of money in the long term, but will require a more hands on approach than if you were to trust someone else to do your trading.

Find a brokerage site such as E*Trade, and sign up. You may be required to put a certain amount of money into an account specifically for use within the system, or you might have to follow certain rules, but those will be easy to navigate through depending on your choice. Some of the biggest names aside from the one mentioned already include, Vecco, TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, Fidelity, and OptionsHouse. Of course a simple search online can yield even more results.

Take time to weigh your options carefully, and look for any fine print that could cost you a lot of money to trade.

Step 2: Find a Virtual Trader

Don’t just sign in and drop your money into an account, we’ll save that for step 3. Before you jump forward, test the waters with a virtual simulator. This will help you understand how you can buy stocks with a limited amount of money. This can let you see how trading works, and whether or not it is for you. If you already know about these simulators or you’re just ready to buy and trade, then move to step 3 now.

Step 3: Go In and Deposit Money

Assuming you took the advice that was mentioned in our first step, you are now going to have to put some money into this account before you can purchase Google stock. Don’t worry; if you pick one of the major websites listed above, or someone that is relatively large in scope, your money will be protected. If you are in doubt, look for policies in regards to financial matters and privacy. You’ll find that security will be clearly discussed.

Step 4: Buy Google Stock

This is the big moment; it’s time to buy something. You’ve finished step 3, and you’re ready to start moving some money around. You’ll want to make your first trade by simply going through your brokerage account to the designated buying area.

You’ll find that there will be several options, and once you locate what you want to purchase and at what rate, go for it, purchase it. This of course can only happen while trading is open, which isn’t all day, so pay attention. Trades are allowed Monday through Friday 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Only! Pay close attention to this, and if it’s a holiday, you may not be able to go through with this. Designate how many shares you want to purchase and move forward.

How to Buy Google Stock

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How to Purchase Just 1 Google Share

For those that just want to buy 1 stock, you can do so by going online and finding companies that only specialize in 1 stock at a time. This can be a fun novelty, and yes, it is in fact real shares. At press time you could purchase only 1 share for $783.05.

The preceding options are just quick and basic, you may find faster methods, or you may know how to circumvent some of the steps. Whatever you do, be careful when trading real money, as there is a chance you could lose it if the company’s value dips lower than the share price at the time of your purchase

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