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How to Buy Lottery Tickets Online & Win The Jackpot!

Updated on June 9, 2016

Let's Begin With The Basics

Basics as in why would anyone want to buy lottery tickets online than in person? It's an easy question to answer once you know the amount of money being generated each day playing the lotto online.

First, to begin, most websites that allow to purchase your tickets through them are licensed and insured. Security is always #1 and most websites strive to be the best at what they do - Deliver your winning tickets safely and securely.

Common Question: Is it Safe?

Yes, of course. Most websites like I said above deal with only the highest type of security agencies out their to help keep your digitally scanned copy safe and secure until you claim it - either having it scanned or by getting the ticket sent directly to your house!

We can't give you an exact website to purchase your tickets, but to locate a perfect place to begin its imperative to do huge research into the company.

A quick google search can tell whether or not a site is fake or not. Remember that its important for them to be licensed, they will say that directly on the homepage.

Could you Really Play (Almost) Any Game Online?

Again, of course! You see, you don't need to be a citizen of a state or country to play in the lottery, in fact it's the opposite. Most lotto's want more people, they will do anything they can promoting their country/state lottery.


Because the more people that participate in their lotto the higher the amount is. And as everyone knows, if the amount is quite high, then you know that many government employees will be given a huge chunk of that money (don't forget those taxes!)

Top Games Available Online (Base Prize)

40 Million
15 Million
28 Million

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What is The Process Like?

The process is quite simple, and for most it's a full time Hobby because of the simplicity. So, as you are aware, many games are available to play online and tickets can be bought in a relatively short time frame.

The first step would be signing up, and then verifying your accounts. For tax reasons and security, its almost obvious to use real legal name.

After completing and receiving your first ticket credited to your account, just sit back and wait until the draw happens.

If you by happen to win, most websites will cash it in for you, or you can ask for a digital/hardcopy and claim it yourself. Either or, it's a great feature to have.

Why Would You Play Online?

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Safe
  • Saves Time

To Conclude

As the internet has grown, so has the possibilities. Not only has it opened many doors and created tons of wealth (think Dotcom bubble) but also has enabled the global population to be able to purchase and buy lottery tickets online without having to jump through many hoops.

It is a great revolutionary feat to see such thing happen right before our eyes.

Will be interesting to see what lays in the future...would it be Virtual Reality lotteries?


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