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How to Buy Notes - Determining Values without Leaving Your Desk

Updated on October 7, 2014

On How to Buy Notes - And Determining Property Values all over the US - without leaving Your Desk:

In case you missed our f.ree note buying webinar last Wednesday on

How to Determine the Price on ANY Property in the US - without leaving your desk‘:

You can watch this How to Buy Notes Video buy clicking HERE.

It is part of an 8-part series as part of the Private Access Club.

It is all about how to implement the Note Buying Roadmap Document that came with the A-Z Note Buying course.

I am taking you by the hand and we spend 90 minutes on each week of the 8 weeks in the Roadmap.

Here’s your chance to have me ‘handhold’ you through it - and you being able to watch me go through all the assignments of it.

And, of course, to ask me any ‘how to buy notes’ questions on it you’d like. LIVE.

Enjoy the replay (it applies to any part of Real Estate Investing, not just buying notes…), and join me for the rest as a PAC member.

Remember, there’s a 30-day f.ree Trial. So, not much risk there.


Author's Biography

Mark Lester A. Iragana A.K.A Miragana

24 Units

Masters in Business Management

Western Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering

Western Visayas College of Science and Technology

Formerly Iloilo School of Arts and Trade


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Mark Lester A. Iragana

Just doing my thing..
Just doing my thing.. | Source


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