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How to Buy Silver Bars: Buy Silver Bullion Bars

Updated on February 14, 2015

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With the entire world feeling antsy about new investments and our economic future, it is a good idea to find alternative sources of investment and income. One of the best ways to secure yourself economically is to buy silver bullion bars. If you learn how to buy silver bars, you'll be able to protect yourself financially without relying on other people's companies, hunches or schemes. Purchasing precious metals is a great concept, because silver bullion bars will always have intrinsic value, as well as value in jewelry and industrial practices.

This article will teach you how to buy silver bars. There are specific ways to buy silver bullion bars; you can't just wander into a Walmart and buy it off the shelf. Learning how to buy silver bullion is a valuable thing to learn, and hopefully this article will do just that!

Let's get on with this article and find out how to buy silver bars!

How to Buy Silver Bars: Measurements and Units

When learning how to buy silver bullion bars, it's important to find out a bit more about silver and how it is sold and measured. You can learn more about the composition of silver as opposed to sterling in this article here.

With precious metals, the weight and purity are the key variables to consider. When you're buying bullion, you're likely buying metal that is more than 99.9% pure, so you don't have to worry about it being an alloy or tarnishing while it is stored. With precious metals everything is either weighed in grams or in ounces, and with the quantities you will be dealing with when learning how to buy silver bars, you should start thinking in ounces.

It is pretty easy to find out the value of a precious metal per ounce. They trade openly on the market, so a simple perusal of a newspaper or online money magazine will be able to tell you the current price per ounce of what you're looking for.

When you want to buy silver bullion bars, keep in mind that they come in set amounts. You won't be able to procure 7.2 ounces of silver in bar form unless you decide to hack it apart with a saw (not highly recommended!). There are standard units of measurement, and we'll talk about that next.

How To Buy Silver Bars: Different Sizes

When you're wanting to buy silver bullion bars, you'll be presented with a few options for size and quantity, and you should be able to find something to suit your buying needs. Remember, when you're learning how to buy silver bars, consider how you plan to move them around: silver is quite heavy in large quantities!

1 oz Bars:

The simplest size quantities to buy silver bullion bars in is the 1 oz bar. These are not very big, so if you're planning on just buying a handful at a time they're easy to tote around. They also don't carry a huge value, and it's easy to calculate their exact worth. These are around the size of small chocolate bars.

1 Kilogram Bars:

The one kilogram silver bullion bars are weighed exactly, and they consist of 32.15 ounces of metal. They are quite heavy, so buying in this quantity will be difficult to move around. They are also a little harder to estimate in terms of value, you'll have to have a calculator handy.

100 oz Bars:

This is one of the best sizes to purchase when learning how to buy silver bars. It's a considerable investment, but it's easy to calculate the value, and my philosophy is if you want to invest in something, you might as well go all in. 100 oz bars are extremely heavy, and they are extremely valuable, so be careful toting these around: make sure you have a plan. This is the most popular size for most investors.

1000 oz Bars:

These are the big kahunas! 1000 oz bars are huge, and contain a massive amount of silver. They are extremely valuable, and should be kept under lock and key. They weigh approximately 68 pounds, and they're the same size you'll see in 'heist' films, big bricks of shiny metal.


How To Buy Silver Bars: Complications and Fees

Since you're learning how to buy silver bars, you should be aware of some of the complications and fees that can arise from trying to make an investment in physical silver. As I mentioned before, you can't exactly just walk into a store and buy the stuff.

If you live in Switzerland you're in luck. There, if you want to purchase raw silver, you can do so at most major banking branches. However in most other nations, you'll need to order it from either the bank or companies that deal with silver.

You can buy silver bullion bars through yourbank or through many prominent silver trading firms, but be prepared to pay a bit more than market value on the exchange. There are brokerage fees, as well as fees to cover travel expenses (silver is heavy, and must be shipped), to say nothing of security measures. If you're expecting the value of silver to rise, these extra charges shouldn't dismay you, and they're a part of the investment process.

You're learning how to buy silver bars, but you might want to also learn how to protect them. If you have a lot of silver in one place you're at a greater security risk. You may need to invest in a vault, a bank storage facility, or some other means to protect your investment.

How To Buy Silver Bars: Other Options

You're learning how to buy silver bars, but you might want to investigate other methods of investing in silver. Investment in any precious metal in large quantities creates complications like those mentioned above. Storage, security and fees can really strip away from your profit.

Instead of deciding to buy silver bullion bars, you can invest in certificates, swiss silver accounts, or invest in silver exchangetradedfunds or mining companies. In each of these cases you are not physically holding silver, but have a stake in it somehow. In the case of certificates, your silver isn't held in your hands, but in a safe storage facility. You pay extra for this convenience.

In the cases of Swiss Accounts and ETFs, you are investing in a company that holds silver reserves. You never have access to the raw material, but you can buy in share or fund prices in any quantities you want.

In investing in mining companies, you're still investing in the per-ounce price of silver, but instead banking on new material yet to come out of the ground, and in the profitability of the company as a whole.

How To Buy Silver Bars: Buy Silver Bullion Bars

Hopefully you've learned enough about how to buy silver bars in order to get you started. If you buy silver bullion bars, know that you're investing in a precious metal that will always have some sort of value. You can choose to buy silver bullion bars in several different sizes and quantities, just be sure to remember that you'll need to pay premiums to purchase and have it delivered to you. You can also consider investing in silver in non-physical ways, as mentioned above.

Good Luck!


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    • Stacie L profile image

      Stacie L 4 years ago

      I found some silver bullions for sale on Ebay. I may get some after reading this

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      glassmosaicist 4 years ago from UK

      Jolly good