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How to Create, Publish and Where to Sell Ebooks

Updated on December 31, 2011

Ebooks can be a Cash Cow if creating and marketing is done right

How to Create an Ebook

You might be wondering where to start in the creation of an Ebook. I find that some of my best Ebooks that I have published have been topics that I have a huge amount of knowledge on. These are areas that I have studied for months and in some cases for years and then when I feel like I have enough knowledge to share with other people I will publish an Ebook. You can however, write an Ebook on topics that you don't have a great deal of knowledge on, but know the basics by using PLR Articles.

What are PLR Articles?

PLR Articles are those which someone else has written but gives you permission to copy their work.  You can make changes to it and best of all you can then publish it and make money with it.  You really need to find quality PLR articles to make it worthwile using the information in an ebook and you will want to check that information is still valid.  PLR articles on Search Engine Optimization for instance has changed dramatically over the years so if you pick up an older PLR article you will not have the latest information making your newly published Ebook a waste of time and will result in some very unhappy customers.

How to Publish an Ebook

 Once you have decided on a topic and have gathered all of the information from various PLR articles as well as your own knowledge the next step is to publish the Ebook.  Now if you don't have PDF Software to create an Ebook then you can download a free copy of Open Office. Open Office is like a free version of Microsoft Office and allows you to write up text and export the file as a PDF readable document.

I also have a bit more information on it if you look at the links at the end of this hub on creating ebooks.

Selling your Ebook and Where to Sell it

 Depending on the topic of your Ebook you can market it via the appropriate forums, email marketing etc.

There is another way though if you don't have resources such as a Mailing List.  The website is called Tradebit and has been around for quite a few years now.  You can place your Ebook on Tradebit and earn money from people browsing or searching through Tradebit who can buy your ebook.

There is a small signup fee to become a member of Tradebit but the fee is tiny and can easily be made back by just one sale.

Amazon have also released a digital product section but I haven't read enitrely into it to see what the program is like yet.

Selling on Ebay is another way, but keep in mind that you can't just sell as a digital product on Ebay, you must give a physical product such as a CD in the mail in order to be within their guidelines.  There are people that just send files through Ebay and eventually they will get caught and quite possibly have their account suspended.

Ebook Cash Cow

Try and make your ideas for an ebook in non competitve, yet in demand areas to maximise sales. Deliver the highest quality and you will find yourself being able to create more ebooks and sell to the same customers over and over again.


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