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How to Detect if an Online High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) is Genuine

Updated on April 30, 2010

I have been investing in high yield investment programs (HYIP) since January 2009 and have fall victim of many scam HYIPs. But as time went on I learnt how to detect if an online HYIP is genuine or a scam. The truth remains that all high yield investment programs will one day become a scam, it is just a matter of when.

A HYIP that will last long usually give a reasonable Return On Investment (ROI). This ROI is usually low. Most HYIP that give high ROI, if they are still paying, will not give last long. Individuals or companies who start such HYIP have the intention of getting people’s money and running away with it. Though they claim to invest members’ funds in various market like FOREX, stocks and other HYIP, after starting for a while, they use the funds gotten from new members to pay old members. When they are not able to keep up paying or when they have reach the target of the amount they want, they just stop paying all of a sudden, even though their site may still be up and running. Those who are new to HYIP fall victim of these HYIPs. But really the major rule in investment is not to invest blindly, investigate the HYIP program before you invest.

Here are some tips to use in checking if an online HYIP is genuine.

Check HYIP monitoring website

Just like the name implies, HYIP monitoring websites are websites that list high yield investing programs and let you know their status. They also usually give you a brief introduction to the HYIP program, their investment plans and some of them give their payout rate. Normally, when looking for a HYIP, this is where you will find them. On these sites you can see the status of a HYIP, whether they are paying, have a problem or not paying. Some HYIP monitoring website include:,,,,,,,,,,

Check the Return On Investment (ROI)

The higher the return on investment, the more likely for the HYIP to be a scam and if it is not a scam, then there is a high possibility that it will not last long. That does not mean that those who pay low return on investment cannot be scams too.

Check the Website Design and Use of English (if the sight is designed in English)

The design of the website must be really unique and user-friendly. It must not be similar to that of other scam sites. Check the grammar used on the website and there should be no spelling mistakes on the site.

Check the Domain Name of the Website.
If the owner of a HYIP site is genuine he, she or they should be able to pay for a proper domain name. So how do you check if a domain name is free or paid for? There are two procedures in verifying that a domain name is paid for.

First, when you are on the website, check your web browser address bar. If the website is a genuine HYIP, it should have only a domain name e.g.,, or In the examples, myhyip is the domain name. If the website address has a subdomain name then this means that it is a free website and there is a high probability of it being a scam. An example of a website address with a subdomain name is, where investment is the subdomain name and myhyip is the domain name. Such HYIP should be avoided.

The next thing to do after verifying that the website address is not a subdomain is to check for the registration information of the website. This can be done by going to Here type in the website address into textbox provided and click ok. The page returned should contain in the name of the company that registered the website, the contact information of the person or company that paid for the website and most important information to look for is when the website was created and when the hosting space paid for will expire. This can help you avoid scams.

Check the Contact Page of the Website

A good and reliable HYIP should have a contact page on their website. More than that they should provide a physical address that can be checked out (either by search the web or through other means) and a phone number that one can call and ask them questions. They should also have a contact email address. To further verify how genuine they are, you can go ahead and email or call them asking them question like how do they make their money or any other question, probably about something you do not understand about their website or investment plan? If they are genuine they will respond to your call or email (that is if the phone number and email exist and are working) and from their response you will be able to tell how real they are. On the other hand, if they are a scam then it is either the email and phone number do not exist, they do not reply your email or pick your call or they will just tell you to just invest. In my early days of investment I once fell a victim when I asked them a question about something that has to do with payment on their website and their response was just to go ahead and invest. Poor me, as a newbie then I did not know enough to tell me that was a scam.

They should not send you email.

A good HYIP should not send you email asking you to join them. Think it through, why would a good and reliable HYIP engage in email scamming?

Check Online Forums for What People Say About The Investment.

The last place I would check before finally investing are online HYIP forums. Forums are where people with common interest meet to discuss issues. Here you will see what people say about a particular investment program. Most HYIP have where you can search for where a HYIP to know what people say about such a program. An example of HYIP forum is Here you would have to first register with them to be able to search their forum. After logging in, click on the search menu and type in the name or website address of the HYIP you would like to know more about and click ok. It will display a search result containing possibilities. Look among the search result for a result that looks more like the name of the HYIP website. There you will find what others have been saying about the program whether the program has been paying or not, or any other problem they HYIP may have. Other forums include: and


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    • Soudamini Behera profile image

      Soudamini Behera 2 months ago from Jajpur

      Number of HYIPs are growing today .Investors to be carefull before investment .Not to be lured to their advertisement .

    • profile image

      Chris 2 years ago

      I have been a victim for so numerous times before now and am about to invest in another high yield investment programme ( hyip ), thank sorely for this immense and fidelity idea of yours. But could you pls help me with the once that is genuine; my email is

      God bless you mr. Early man.

    • profile image

      Okpe john 2 years ago

      Thanks for the useful information you have given regarding how one can get to know a genuine hyip. I started a hyip two weeks before reading your article i will place an order for profits withdrawal this weekend and i will get back to you on how it goes.

    • ProBoy profile image

      ProBoy 2 years ago from Bahawalpur

      Check latest HYIP added several hours ago. All HYIP monitors at one page. You can search all HYIP monitoring here on one page.

    • profile image

      boadi 2 years ago

      Sir, I'm new to this and its now coming up in Ghana, I fear to enter though its attractive, can I get a real one pls... Thanks.. My email address is ..

    • adeade profile image

      thankGod 2 years ago from nigeria

      have you ever earned with hyip?

    • profile image

      john 3 years ago

      i once a victim because i use my school fees for it and unfortunately it was my first time but sir i want to reengage in it again u can help me with a good one on thanks

    • profile image

      john 3 years ago

      i once a victim because i use my school fees for it and unfortunately it was my first time but sir i want to reengage in it again u can help me with a good one on thanks

    • profile image

      derrick 3 years ago

      Thanks for all you hints about this Hyips. I have been also a victim!!

      I invested my money, but surely I did not get even single coin.However,

      as you said,"invest what you can afford to lose",its going to be my principle.This hyip suddenly was scammed!!well I want re-invest in

      at-least other hyips but,I do not know which is genuine.

    • profile image

      steve kariz 3 years ago

      My experience with HYIPs back here in Kenya was not good I totally cant buy into any HYIP I therefore decided to do referrals programmes that pays me direct upon every recruitment I get.The current one am doing and have made my cash flow quadrant to shift :

    • profile image

      HYIP For Nigerians 4 years ago

      Thanks Earlyman for sharing this very useful article. I want to agree with you about the high risk involved in HYIP sites but i don't agree to the fact that they are all scam.

      But there are still some HYIP sites that have lasted for a very long time...

      I have been scammed too and I have also made a lot of profit too from HYIP sites. It's very risky that is what inspired me to create a site to monitor paying HYIP site so that Nigerians(my country) can make their choice from the list with lower risk.

      Now HYIP sites owner can list their sites here


    • profile image

      eric 5 years ago

      i will like you sir to give me a geniune site to try

    • profile image

      Robert Terlaak 5 years ago

      Just Been Paid is not a HYIP. You will not get a 20000% return on your money. For every $10 you put in you will get $15 back over a period of 80 days. If you put $1000 you get $1500 and that is if you do nothing. Because you get 2% a day which you can re-invest you will make much more in 80 days. This means you will have a bigger value in your account after 80 days, but you will want to keep re-investing because you want to earn lets say $300 a day from which you want to withdraw $100 a day. So that's one reason why people keep re-investing. This is the JSS-tripler side, on the other side there is the JSS side. After 80 days your tripler positions will expire, you get $15 for every $10 you put in and then for every 4 positions you'll receive 1 JSS position which has a value of $20 that you can turn into $60.

      For more training and other sustainable online businesses you are welcome to join our team here:

    • earlyman profile image

      earlyman 5 years ago

      I requested for a withdrawal of some of my fund from

      into my alertpay account and they paid about a day or two after the request. I believe they are worth a try. By the way, don't forget the rule, only invest what you can afford to lose.

    • earlyman profile image

      earlyman 5 years ago

      To find a good HYIP is getting more difficult by the day. I am also currently trying JSS tripler for a while now... It is rather slow but it looks sustainable. You can click the link below to try it out at your own risk:

      Another aspect I am also thinking of investing money is in Forex PAMM accounts. I might put up a write up on it later.

    • profile image

      gussmo 5 years ago

      I been checking out JSS Tripler seems likes it will be more sustainable

    • profile image

      SUNIL KUMAR NAIR 5 years ago


    • profile image

      shreelatha 5 years ago

      I and my team of 60 people lost more than $28000 in which paid for 135 days @3%/day.

      The early bird were a bit happy. Later people suffered

      woes. God knows how many hundreds or thousands.

      No www.etraders club is troubling regularity in withdrawals.

    • profile image

      samy 5 years ago

      i was about committing money to one hyip b4 reading your coment. Know I am scare! Why not do me a favor by giving me 2 genuine hyip web.

    • profile image

      Peter 6 years ago

      hello early man, have been scammed on so many occasion by investing on hyip that are not genuine

      pls. help me out?

    • earlyman profile image

      earlyman 6 years ago

      Hey Iyke, just make sure it is an amount that if you lose, it cannot in way affect your financial life.

    • profile image

      Iyke 6 years ago

      HYIPS pay better when you invest little money; probably $50

    • profile image

      Gabriel 7 years ago

      I appreciate u

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      Interesting and educative Hub - Sorry to read you fell for some Scams, but now you are more the wiser and we are benefiting from your experience. Thanks.

    • wandererh profile image

      David Lim 7 years ago from Singapore

      I understand what you are saying. And I do agree with you that there are genuine HYIPs out there which are actually making the money paid out to investors and not relying on other investor's funds.

      However, as no HYIPs have survived over the long term, I would believe that the rates paid out by HYIPs just cannot be sustained. I mean, consider that the rate of the lowest paying HYIP I knew, at 1% per day, still works out to 365% per year!

    • earlyman profile image

      earlyman 7 years ago

      Sorry for taking so long to reply you wandererh. Yes wandererh, i actually said so, that "all high yield investment programs will one day become a scam"... The truth is that there are genuine HYIP out there... some are actually genuine that is they are paying and meet all the criteria i said in my article, but as time go on due to one

      reason or the other, for example, due to poor management of funds or any other reason, they become scams.

    • wandererh profile image

      David Lim 7 years ago from Singapore

      But, in your own words, "all high yield investment programs will one day become a scam", doesn't it also follow that no HYIPs are genuine?

    • earlyman profile image

      earlyman 7 years ago

      wandererh, I will first investigate a HYIP just like i wrote in this article and if after my investigation, I find them to be genuine, I will go ahead and invest otherwise, i would stay away.

    • wandererh profile image

      David Lim 7 years ago from Singapore

      I used to play HYIPs a few years ago without realizing their true nature. But it seems that you know that all HYIPs are probably ponzi schemes. Do you think that it's a good idea to "invest" in them?