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How to Drive a Nice Car Without Emptying Your Pocket

Updated on April 23, 2008

Everybody loves to have a nice car to drive. But buying cars is getting every year more expensive. Auto companies try to attract you by creating cars that have all the accessories you need and the ones that you don't need. Your friends also have fantastic cars, and you don't want to stay behind. What to do?

Determine the type of Car

The first thing to understand is that is not how you drive that will determine the quality of your life. Although it is very nice to drive a Ferrari, it won't make your life fundamentally different. It will make you more popular with girls, however, and that may be all that you want... Anyway, everyone what he or she want from life, and many times driving the best car is not the way to achieve your dreams.

When deciding what car to buy, you should mainly take into consideration what you really need from it. If you live in a big city and you mostly drive alone, this most certainly doesn't require an SUV. Also, if you live in a farm, a sports car may not be the best car to drive for the everyday work. Only a careful consideration of your lifestyle can result in a correct decision on what car you should buy.

Get a Better Price

Once you determined the type of car, try to get it for a reasonable price. First of all, check the models and makes that have the features you want. Then, try to see what will give your more return for your investment. It requires a little research, but if you don't want to that by yourself you can get some data from a third party.

For example, Consumer Reports provides information about car prices and features. For a small fee you get a lot of data about cars from different manufacturers and how they compare. Consumer reports also shows you what would be sticker price and the real price for each model.

The real price of a new car, as paid by an authorized reseller, is always smaller than what in see in the show room. If you have information about the real price, then you have some bargaining power.

Get Better Financing

If you are like most people, you don't have spare cash to pay for a brand new car. Thus, it makes sense to look for financing options to make your dream become true. When thinking about financing, you need to worry about the FICO score, and how it will affect the interest rates you need to pay for the loan.

Before anything, try to determine what your FICO score is. You can do that online, from any one of the three companies that keep this kind of information. If you find that you have a poor score, try to fix that if at all possible. Contact the score-keeping companies, and try to correct any misunderstanding about your financial situation.

Consider a Used Car

Most people believe that someone can only be happy with a new car. This is simply not true. Many used cars have conditions that are similar to a new car. Also, such cars have been tested, and shown that they perform well.

An advantage of buying an used car is that you can get more for your money. Since cars depreciate so quickly in their first years, you can buy a car that is almost-new and for much less that the price of a new car.


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    • Bentley Fan profile image

      Bentley Fan 8 years ago

      Some awesome tips there, thanks for posting.