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Earn Income Online

Updated on August 14, 2011

How to Earn Easy Money Online

Earn Income Online

Earning money online is not both a hard and an easy job. There are a few differences that stand out between both hard and easy. Earning money online isn’t hard because everyone can earn money online doing some sort of activity like writing articles, posting links, posting videos, discussing in forums and posting answers with the likelihood of earning a few dollars a month. On the other hand, earning money online is also a hard job because although you’re likely to earn a few dollars a month, there is very little chance maybe even impossible that you’re going to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars a month easily. To earn a substantial amount of residual income, you need to sit on your chair and work your socks off for hours, days, weeks and years until your residual income is met online. If you fail to stay with the writing pattern, I’m afraid to tell you that it’s far better to get a job offline and earn hundreds of dollars a month working in a retail store. But if you want to be your own boss as well as earn some sort of residual income, then writing articles or getting into some sort of activity on the internet that would build your residual income would be a good idea for you. This article has a few tips to help you earn residual income online writing articles. However, you must promise yourself that you will stick to your writing schedules throughout the week so you don’t fall back on your earning potential.

Write Articles

I need to tell you write now that you cannot start anywhere if you're not writing now! If you’re hoping to earn money online, starting off now would be the best idea. You will never know, the article you write now could start earning you tomorrow. This is the best thing to do in you free time. Forget the doubts and write 1 article to see how your progress goes. If you're having trouble earning a penny on your first article, try writing another one and see how the progress works out for both. If they both don’t work, keep writing until you have a base of at least 50 articles. There would be a bigger chance of earning some residual income from your articles by then if you can keep working at it now! So go and start your first article!

SEO and Titles

SEO and titles play a big role in determining the success of your articles rank, traffic and money. If you're not good at SEO which means Search Engine Optimization, you’re going to have to work at that to help build your rank on search engines like Google. SEO helps boost your ranking in search engines for visitors to get to where they want. If your SEO techniques are good, your likely to get your articles ranking high which could get you lots of internet traffic. And if you didn’t know, traffic means money!


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      SUSIE DUZY 6 years ago from Delray Beach, Florida

      Thanks for some good information.