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How I Earn Savings with Upromise (I now have $1000+); I earned from Priceline,Turbo Tax, e-Rewards,groceries,shopping..

Updated on October 19, 2014

We often see Upromise logo on grocery carts and in store windows. It is advertized in magazines and mentioned on blogs. It is even advertized in metro subway trains.

Joining is free. Actually, I’m already a member and have been experiencing the benefits for joining Upromise. I should have known this a long time ago.

What is Upromise?

Upromise is a company or organization that helps people to earn and build savings to pay for college education. Things you do everyday can all lead to college savings for your child or relative or friend’s child.

How does it work?

  • Register your grocery and drugstore cards at Upromise website. Go to any participating grocery and drugstore like Safeway, Shoppers, CVS, and many more, then purchase eligible items to earn savings. You get more savings if you activate eCoupons at their website. No need to print the coupons. Don’t forget to bring your registered grocery or drugstore card for you will need to scan it at checkout.
  • Register your credit or debit cards at Upromise website. Find participating Upromise restaurants at their website. Eat out and pay with your registered credit or debit card. You can save up to 8% of total bill including tax and tip.
  • Earn up to 25% savings when you shop online with Upromise for almost any product and services from your favorite stores or companies like Macy’s, JCPenney, Nordstrom, Expedia, HP, HSN, Nike, Dell, Verizon, Drugstore, eBay, Walmart, Target, Circuit City, Home Depot, Sears, ReMax, Coldwell Banker, home, mortgage, refinance, home improvement, auto savings, and so on.
  • Apply for Upromise credit card and receive $25 savings which will be added to your Upromise savings account. You get 10% extra college savings on thousands of eligible Upromise grocery and drugstore items. You also get 2% extra savings on eligible gasoline purchases at Exxon or Mobil locations. Finally, you get 1% savings everywhere you shop whether online or in-store for any product or service and including payment of bills and other expenses using your Upromise credit card.
  • To increase your Upromise savings, invite family and friends to join Upromise. Their savings automatically transfer to you. They can allocate part or all of their savings.
  • Link your Upromise account to your 529 Education Savings Plan account and have the funds transferred automatically on a periodic basis.
  • Use your Upromise savings to help pay down your eligible Sallie Mae student loans.
  • You can withdraw money anytime from your Upromise savings account. Just print and fill out their Withdrawal Request form located at their website.
  • Other little things like you earn savings up to $12 a month when you request for quotes from home improvement contractors thru Service Magic. You earn $50 savings if you buy from Upromise participating auto dealers and receive pre-negotiated, haggle-free discounted price.
  • You earn up to $3,000 savings from home buying, selling, refinancing, or home equity loans.
  • You earn 1% extra savings from buying McDonald’s food by using McDonald’s Arch card which is reloadable and reusable.
  • Earn savings by signing up for eRewards (online survey) thru Upromise and answer surveys as they come to your email. Savings will go to your Upromise account upon redemption at eRewards.

Based on experience, I’ve been earning savings from time to time for all the things I’ve mentioned above. I recommend Upromise as one of the ways to make money and get paid to be able to help support a child's college education.

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Upromise ways to earn college savings
Upromise ways to earn college savings


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