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Beyond AdSense, DoubleClick & Amazon

Updated on April 9, 2013

Way back when, in April 2008, Search Engine giant Google Inc acquires DoubleClick advertising company for a whopping 3 Billion dollars, forever changing how ordinary people earn money from the Internet. Although DoubleClick-Google were not the first companies to offer this option, they have cornered the market, in both power and reach. The little known fact: the early stages of this merger was private advertising to specific sites, that some felt received special attention. When harsh criticism began surfacing over their dealings regarding advertising measures, they opened a new chapter as: An Equal Income Opportunity {Employer} for both Advertisers and Publishers. This was somewhat of a novelty for many new internet users, after the Dot Com Bubble. DoubleClick integrated a program called DART into their technology. That program allowed advertisers to sell portions of their Ad Space to Webmasters. When DoubleClick bought out Performics, one of the first SEO Branded companies, they integrated those search parameters into the DART system. Lo and behold, those same parameters were integrated into Google Search Engine. This supposedly created a better platform for advertiser-publisher relations. did it succeed? Well, there are mixed feelings on the subject.

Not long after Google Inc. acquired DoubleClick, they set up and launched their own program called AdSense. This program allowed publishers to get a piece of the advertising pie. It was called Revenue Sharing. One such company to test modal this program was none other than Hub Pages. With pole position and lots of gusto, HubPages -at the time, just two years old and with just one round of private venture capital- began offering users a Revenue Share option. This is NOT a Revenue Split program. Hub Pages splits revenue with from Advertisers, not users. The publisher or hubber, is allowed to have ads display on their Hubs 60% of the time. So, on any given day, for each publication by a user, ads can appear 14.5 out of 24 hours. This gave users incentive to publish lots of topical articles and earn some cash on the side.

For my new found philosophical acquaintance, tHErEDpILL , here on Hub Pages, the following is for you -and anyone else who dares unplug from the Matrix- to see how deep this rabbit hole goes. Grab Alice, the Mad Hatter and a pencil, `cuz it is gonna be one crazy ride.

Is there life Beyond AdSense? Yes! For those of you who are not eligible, have been rejected or booted from the AdSense program, you are disqualified from using HubPages Ad Program as well. But why? Because this program is still apart of the Matrix. doubleclick Partners is the technical term. In essence, HubPages is roting a group of advertisers in a specific pool. That pool is supplied by Google Inc.

For those who can no longer use Kontera or InfoLinks on HubPages, with no immediate alternative solution, for you California Residents about to get the boot from Amazon or anyone who never even got the chance at eBay, what I offer you is the truth, nothing more. What you do with this truth, is up to you. There is a way to earn a great deal of income, from your publications, without AdSense-DoubleClick.

First, you must understand a few things about how the programs work, then decide what avenue is best for you. There are two staples of commonly used earning methods. Some refer to this as PPC [ Pay Per Click ] and PPI [ Pay Per Impression ]. For every view, some advertising groups will pay you a meager one penny. Others up to $0.25. So, say you receive 10,000 visitors a day to your web page, you could earn anywhere from $100 to a $2,500 a day.

The pricing structure varies greatly depending on the Advertiser, Product, Visitor and more. Sound confusing? Let me break it down for you:

Let's say for example Google Inc or an Affiliate via DoubleClick has an Advertiser in their pool. This Advertisers says, "We are willing to pay you for information and visitors to our website. In return you receive a portion and can divvy that portion to the users in your pool." The Partner says, "Great!", puts the Ad into their rotation and it pops up on your publication. A visitor to that page, sees this outstanding Ad and clicks. And here the fun begins. The visitor is redirected to the Advertisers page, as their steps are recorded in what is called a Cookie. This cookie is a tracking code & timer. This is sometimes seen as CTR or Click Thru Rate. The percentage of time the visitor spent on the Advertisers web page determines the value of the click. This cookie will remain active in the users browser until they flush it or expires by the server. But why? Wouldn't make sense to just have the cookie burn out after the user clicks and the advertisers page loads? It would if the click was the only thing that mattered. But, we'll get to that in a minute. Right now, let's talk visitor and value. This visitor completes the visit and the data is recorded, like IP address, location of the page, organic or referral visit, etc. DoubleClick says, "Okay, publisher, that click is worth 0.035 or $35 per thousand. So, we'll round that up and you get $0.04."

You made a whole 4 cents. If that happens 10 times a day, you make $0.40. At 50 times a day, you make $2.00! Woop-woop. That is the reality of AdSense. You CAN make money. If you have 10 articles, and each is getting excellent traffic-to-click flow, you could make $20 per day. But, the reality is, unless you are getting 25-30 visits per hour, during your peak hours, and they are clicking on that ad, the chances are low for those higher numbers to occur.

What AdSense Wont Tell You

  • What if I said, you were getting the short end of the stick?
  • What if I told you, there was a way to earn three Ways on your publications?
  • What if I told you there is nothing special you needed to do for that three way to happen?

Would you believe me? Then it is time to take the Red Pill. Else, take the Blue Pill, wake up in your bed and forget this article ever happened. Okay?

First, nearly all Ad values are worth 90% more than what you receive. This is called the CPC [Cost Per Click ]. That number is what it costs the Advertiser to place their ad. Have you ever seen those really big numbers, on that Ad Sense column? Numbers like $217.32 or $1,459.88? The percentage you get is drastically low in comparison, yes? That is because Big G is getting a portion, else the secondary partner and sometimes fellow publishers. You earning four cents on an Ad worth $217.32, doesn't make much, err, sense. Advertisers pay to feed their Ads into specified areas - mostly high traffic areas. This means they pay more for that positioning. In the Matrix, the Frenchman would say, to a stunning Monica Bellucci , "This is just the cost of doing business".

If 1,000 users are served that ad, @ one click per day, the ration of click to payout is 22 cents per click. If that ad reaches 100%, is rotated out. Advertisers do not buy just one ad and half of all ads served are Big G ads themselves (Ad Sense, Search, Trends, etc). Advertisers pay knowing they will get traffic. What Ad Sense won't tell you: you are able to make between $1 to $85 per SINGLE Click. This is called a LEAD click.

Lead Clicks

Leads are the number one means of generating people to business across the world. Real Estate, General Sales, Stock Brokers, Insurance Companies, and more, all survive on Lead Generation. In 2010, Lead Generation reached an all time high with the explosion of Web 2.0 companies and Network Marketing companies. My good friend and successful Network Marketer for 10 years, used to buy leads for up to $5 per lead. Some of the higher end business like Stock Brokers and Insurance companies will pay literally $25 to a jaw dropping $85 per lead !!! Am I telling you to open your own lead generation company? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Why would you, when someone else already has done that.

What exactly is a Lead? Well, on the web a Lead is when a user performs a specific action on the Advertisers page. So, say I buy in to advertise Food Dot Com. I offer the publisher $3 per click on my ad, with the condition that Visitor X complete a registration form. They do not have to buy anything. I just want their contact info. When Visitor X does this, the cookie records the information.Sometimes the cookie remains active for 45 to 120 days, avoiding duplicate clicks and something else, which we'll discuss momentarily. With Agent DC, I would pledge to pay them -not the publisher- that $3 USD per completion/lead. They in turn decide how much per click the publisher gets (usually DC gets 60% of the value). The Lead Value or EPC [ Earning Per Click ] may begin at $3 and you -the publisher- might get $0.30.

Some Lead Programs will also use that cookie for the good. What do I mean? Well, let's say someone goes to the advertisers page and completes in the form. But, this person isn't ready to order anything just yet. The system will remember the ID or cookie encryption for 30 to 90 Days! This means at anytime when the user returns to that page and buys something, YOU GET PAID for the product commission. Sweeeeeeeeeeet.

Product Clicks

The Second way to earn money on the web is by Products. Names like Amazon, eBay and such come to mind, right? Again, you are splitting revenue with whomever. Products generally pay higher simply because of their nature and lack of massive traffic. So a product worth $50 could earn you $25 or more. Some products can earn you $250- $2,500 per person. Recently, California residents felt the impact as Amazon Associates was pulled. Likewise, if you were not active on eBay before 2010, you cannot join their affiliate program. Amazon and eBay won't tell you, they are at the mercy of the Advertiser. Well, better said, the Advertiser keeps them in business, by offering products directly and in some cases only through their medium.

The normal percentage for an Amazon or eBay Product is 10% of the EPS ( Earning Per Sale ). Sounds great right? Not so much. That 10% is a partial earning on an entirely different number.

  • The commission on the sale of say a Case Of Wine is 10 to 30%.
  • So if the case is worth $250, the commission is $25 to $75.
  • As an Affiliate, you get 10% of that commission, not 100% of that commission.
  • So the 100% commission is worth average $45. you are entitled to $45.
  • Instead, using third party companies, you get $4.50.

The condition of a Product is simple: the customer must checkout and the order go through. That's It. And it is, perhaps, the second best way to earn on the Internet. You are entitled to 100% of the commission on every sale, ranging from 2% up to 40%. Some companies, like Yahoo products will give you up to 30% for a new customer and then another 10% monthly for recurring orders, else a larger percentage for additional customers to that product.

click to view larger image
click to view larger image

Affiliation Clicks

And this is the third way to earn. Call this method Affiliation. Kind of like Morpheus and Trinity. Well, actually more Trinity. See, Trinity is in love with Neo, because the Oracle told her she would meet a man who unplugged from the Matrix. A man who was fast as a DC Agent Smith --even faster. An Anomaly that would make even the Architect himself very frustrated. He would learn how to defeat the program Smith and set the minds of the many free. But not even Morpheus and Trinity can choose what Neo will do. Mr. Smith will stand there defiantly, with a smugness beneath a torrential downpour and growl, "Why, Mr Anderson? Why do you persist?". Calmly and confidently Neo will reply, "Because I Choose To". He is going to realize he IS the One and he has a support team to help him shatter the machine and bring the agents to their knees. Together, they will break out of the war zone and see the sunshine again. This trinity is combining both Lead Click with Product Click and then further adding Affiliate Measures. Together this threesome can take you beyond the tag cloud and certainly give what you are worth, as a publisher.

Keep It Real

So, we come to realize, yes, there is much beyond the scope of the machine, beyond the Double Agent Smith. As an internet publisher, you can earn on Lead Clicks, Product Clicks (Sales) and by Association (some refer to this as passive value).

The industry standard says that between 3% and 10% of all clicks become sales. So, we'll use the middle of the road and say 5%. Let's say you receive 500 Visitors to your website per day or 15,000 per month. Based on the percentages, approximately 25pp per day ( 750pp per month ) will click an Ad. Should that Ad be a Lead Ad, at a median value of $3.00 ( again, some are worth up to $25+, as seen in the photo above ), you can estimate $75.00 per day ( $2,250 per month ) in Income. That is step one. Let's even reduce that by half, to keep it real. That means $1.50 per click, $42.50 per day, $1,125 per month. For some people, that is a lot of income! Where I live, that covers half my rent. Even still, that is great for part time work. For publishing one or two outstanding and useful articles.

Now, add step two, Product Clicks. Same calculation. 3% of 500pp is 15pp. Say the Sale Price was $20. You can earn commission from 2% as high as 40% on some products, without using Amazon or eBay. These are products directly from and on the Advertisers website. Being modest, let's calculate 10% on each sale. So, we have 15pp @ $20 x 10% = $30.00. So, at 750pp per month @ $20 x 10% = $1,500.

Add that $1,500 to your earlier Lead Income of $1,125 and you have a combined income of $2,625 per month. THAT covers my rent. The Average Salary in the US is $18,000 ( $9.00 per hour before taxes) as of 2010 or $1,500. You are doing that, publishing articles on the Internet?! Seriously! Let's be crazy and cut that in half! Estimate a monthly active income of $1,300. So, to cover your COL ( Cost of Living) you need a mere $200 per month or $7 a day extra.

Considering step three, just puts the icing on the cake. You can earn a small, but decent percentage just by referring other people to the same programs you use. Some programs will offer you one year of referral income, some more, others less. The point being, this type of income does not involve DoubleClick, Amazon or eBay.

In-Text & Typical Ad Companies

Well, I knew this point would come. A point when you say, "Okay J, who and what are those companies?" Well, there are MANY. Below are a few I have or do work with.

Chitika: if you want the standard, search type of ad placement, like a no-image AdSense Ad, Chitika offers exactly this -for either browser or mobile sites. They pay well for clicks.

Ad Media: Offers exactly what AdSense does, contextual or image ads for browser or mobile using a search related to Yellowbook. Ad Media also includes in-text ads, just like Kontera. I like Ad Media In-Text, because the user can choose what to search, ranging from Yahoo to Wikipedia -for a Total of TEN different search sites.

Infolinks and Vibrant Media are strictly in-text link ads. They offer up to 70% Revenue for you.

Commission Junction

The company I recommend that has absolutely NO AFFILIATION with AdSense is: Commission Junction. CJ has a laundry list of FORTUNE 500 Companies and smaller boutique companies, even niche market companies IN EVERY CATEGORY from Accessories to Travel. Ever here of Travelocity? Oh, you have. How about Fossil or Shoe Mania? Really? Hmm. Have you ever heard of Snapfish, Kodak, Yahoo? Not so much. Okay, no big deal. What about companies like Disney Store, Espirit, Anne Klein, Giglio or even Gap? All of these companies want YOU to sell their products and earn anywhere from $10 per item up to $1,000 per item.

The deal is this:

  • Some offer EPC [Earnings Per Click] also called a Lead.
  • Others EPS [Earning Per Sale] also called a Product.
  • MANY offer A COMBO of Both.
  • YOU CHOOSE what Advertisers you want to put on your site.
  • YOU CHOOSE the Ad or Product or Link, the ad size, etc.
  • YOU CHOOSE the category or multiple categories.
  • YOU earn $3 to $25 Per Lead AND 10-30% commission Per Product.

The system automatically tells you what new advertisers have joined, what each is offering, their network sales and duration. Plus, you can drop any advertiser at anytime, no penalty, no questions asked. Add as many or as little as you like to your web pages and begin earning what you are worth.

Commission Junction offers Publishers a lot more than this too. They offer direct communication with them, webinars, workshops, advertiser one-on-one and more. Their network is so diverse and wide, your jaw will hang open for hours. If you are a Web Developer, you can even earn through this medium.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 20 months ago from Oklahoma

      Useful information. I would like alternatives to Adsense.

    • Niteriter profile image

      Niteriter 4 years ago from Canada

      This piece certainly falls under the heading of "useful information." The logic in your presentation adds much more urgency to the issue than I have given it to date. Thanks for taking the time to address these oft-forgotten points.

    • jacharless profile image

      Charles James 4 years ago from Between New York and London

      Thank you to everyone commenting. I am glad you found this article useful. It is a lot to take in all at once, so for that I apologize. lol. By the way, for those interested, Phome is part of my web development project called Charless Concepts. Phome offers 45% direct percentage per conversion {hosted account}. Adverts a many to choose from and DO WORK here on HP. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about the Lead, Product or Affiliation options in this article. My goal is to insure everyone "gets it" and can use these options to their benefit. Thanks again! James.

    • joanveronica profile image

      Joan Veronica Robertson 4 years ago from Concepcion, Chile

      Hi, just read this! I found you in some forums, and am interested in your know-how, way above mine. Voted up. useful, awesome and interesting. I also liked your profile! Sounds fun. Have a good day, and thanks for the information, I need to digest this.

    • profile image

      Kerry43 4 years ago

      Such detail! Excellent hub, thanks.


    • ajayshah2005 profile image

      ajayshah2005 4 years ago from Mid Asia

      Good Informative hub!Thanks for sharing.

    • jacharless profile image

      Charles James 4 years ago from Between New York and London

      Commission Junction, even Doba, are great alternatives to AdSense and Amazon. But, more than that are companies that want people to direct sell for them. Of course, they are all off-Hub measures. I did manage at one point to slide a few link ads on several hubs. But, eventually the powers that be noticed. lol. I personally do not like that the HubAd Program is connected to DoubleClick/AdSense. apart from Amazon, no alternative is given to writers here. Kind of a bummer for people like myself, who got booted from AdSense for no apparent reason...

    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 4 years ago from New Zealand

      Will need to read this one a few more times. So much valuable information. Thanks

    • Anjili profile image

      Anjili 4 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

      Hi jacharless,

      Thanks for sharing such useful information with other hubbers. I agree with you on each point. You expressed a lot in great detail. This will go a long way towards benefiting many like me who are building websites. I just didn't know which companies to liaise with to realize the benefit I am seeking for. Your hub is invaluable and gives me the morale to persue my goal relentlessly. I bookmark you for future reference. Thanks alot for the share. Rated useful.

    • netmaker profile image

      netmaker 5 years ago

      I bookmarked your hub buddy. You've put up very useful information here. Thanks.

    • kjrzeek1 profile image

      kjrzeek1 5 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Just getting started as an advertiser, and this was great information, thanks.

    • jacharless profile image

      Charles James 5 years ago from Between New York and London

      No worries Sylvia.

      Better to know now than never :)

      I just hope it does some good.


    • Sylvia's Thoughts profile image

      Sylvia Van Peebles 5 years ago from Southern California

      Wish I had known all this earlier! Thanks!

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