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How to Find Grocery Coupons on the Internet

Updated on May 28, 2009

Frugal Living

Let me admit it right now: I am a cheapo who loves to use internet coupons! But getting to the good stuff, and learning how to find coupons on the internet was a tiresome and tedious process. For all you money grubbers out there, fear not, I have your salvation at hand. Viola! A compilation of my favorite places to find internet grocery coupons online. Some of these coupons are printable, while others load right onto your grocery/club card (how seriously cool is that?) and are automatically used at checkout. One caveat though...I know some people have great success with coupons that cost money, and that's great for them! I, however, cannot stomach paying money to save money, so all of the sites I have listed are free. Go forth and save my frugal ones!

If you revel in being cheap check out my hub detailing Ways to Save Money on the Weekend.

Coupons on Your Grocery Card

Love saving money and the idea of using coupons, but constantly lose or forget to use them when you hit the checkout stand? That's ok, modern technology has a solution for you! Those nifty little club cards that just about every store seems to have are good for more than discounting your purchases and earning you points, at many stores they can also be used as coupons. That's right, using the two sites below you can load virtual coupons onto your shopping card which are automatically deducted from your purchase at checkout. Very cool, and great for those whose mental capacity collapsed as the kids started screaming in aisle 11. Now they just need to add Fred Meyer to the list of associated stores. Please?

AOL Foods

P&G Savers

MyPoints and Other Printable Coupons isn't technically a coupon site, but it includes a coupon section that actually rewards you with spendable points for using those coupons. Talk about a double whammy! Other ways to earn points include taking surveys and buying products from affiliated online stores like Target and You can them redeem your points on cash or gift cards when you accrue enough. Of course, the site is free to join and also hosts random contests for points and other prizes. I've been a casual member for about three years and love getting points when I buy wedding and baby showers gifts!


I also like these sites for printable coupons as well.


Coupon Mom

Coupon Forums

Two heads are better than one, right? That's the thinking behind coupon forums at least. When you have more people out searching for bargains, the more you will find. Coupon forums are great because they deliver coupons you might not otherwise find, including exclusively local coupons to your area. These two sites are my favorites because they are clean and easy to navigate, I don't want to have to wade through a bunch of muck to save money.

The Coupon Cupboard

The Coupon Forum


Of course, using coupons at the store only works to save you money if you stick to your list. Don't fall into the trap of buying unnecessary items just because you have a coupon. Stick to basic ingredients and you truly will end up saving money. I personally got two packages of bacon for $3 (and not the thin, nasty kind) and a bottle of balsamic vinaigrette dressing for $0.67. Plus I love saving money because it gives me more dough to spend on yarn and kitchen gadgets. Enjoy!


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    • MeaganB profile image

      MeaganB 7 years ago

      If you're in a state like Florida that has the Publix grocery franchise, you can use That might not be the right URL, try googling it, but it's something like that. I'm not sure how many states have Publix. but I live in Florida and we have them.