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How to Fix Water Filters In Your Household.

Updated on December 14, 2014
Knowing how to fix faulty water filters could save plumbing costs around the Homestead.
Knowing how to fix faulty water filters could save plumbing costs around the Homestead. | Source

Walter filters are an important component around the household environs. They help supply clean water in the kitchen , are used in some refrigerators as well as in the swimming pool among other important points. And since the filters should always perform at optimum conditions and high levels of hygiene, replacement and maintenance costs can be significant. Knowing how to fit the filters on your own can help save on costs you'd pay if you called in a specialist.

What benefits do you stand to gain by doing this?

According to Sub-Zero surveys, 80 percent of homesteads in US use water filters. And while quality filters costs around 50 dollars, the cost of replacements and maintenance of water filters may spiral to hundreds of dollars in a year. Below are some benefits you stand to gain if you carry out fitting process rather than engaging a specialist:

a. You diagnose problems and flaws early enough:
While you can only call in a plumber once the water ceases, having the basic skills can help notice flaws early enough.

b. Regular maintenance helps keep your filters performance at optimal levels. Replacing faulty parts often will prevent frequent system clogs and irregular water flow.

c. It saves you time:
Calling in a plumber to fix your filter can take hours or even some days before they fix the filter. This can be discomforting especially if the
filter is used vital positions such as in the kitchen, the swimming pool or other important water points.

d. It helps prolong the filter's lifespan:
By replacing faulty parts often, and correcting defects early enough will help prolong your water filters lifespan.

e. It helps save on unnecessary costs:
At times, only simple fixes are required to keep your system functional. Mastering a few basic tips required for simple fixes will surely cut on maintenance costs.

f. You will have continuous supply of clean and fresh water.
Regular maintenance of your filters removes dirt and other particles that may clog water system such as taps. This way, you'll have supply of free flowing water which is not only hygienic, but it's also healthy for use.

Working Filters Guarantee Supply of Fresh Water.

When a filter is working optimally, there is a constant supply of fresh water in the homestead. There is less risk of disease outbreak or contamination this way.

So, how do you fit that faulty water filter on your own?

I'll bet you'd find the process of fitting your water filter less painful if you had a guideline at hand. These are some useful step by step tips for the process:

1. Assemble the right tools before starting out.
A wrench and tools necessary for loosening nuts are enough for this process. Your wrench should have the right grip if it's to be effective.

2. Turn off water flow at the point of fitting.
Turn off the water at the point where you intend to fix the filters. Drain any water present in the faucets.

3. Disconnect the water faucet
Use a wrench to disconnect the filter from the water faucet. Tighten the wrench around the shaft and loosen the nuts. Keep parts in a safe place just in case they'll be required.

4. Assemble the new unit by following directions which comes with the newly purchased filter unit. Handle nuts and washers with care since they're prone to displacement.

5. Attach the newly assembled water filter on the faucet.
Dry the point where you'll do the joining of the water filter so that the tightening process is smooth.

6. Once you've successfully fixed the new filter, allow the water to run freely for some minutes just in case there is faulty connection.


Pro Tip

You have your new system in place. It's however, important to make certain that the filter unit you order is of high quality and is the same make as the one you are replacing. Though initial costs of purchasing the filter may seem high, you're guaranteed that it will last longer and seldom fail to function.

Final thoughts.

Mastering a few basics on how to fit your water filters on your; either new or part replacement, will save on your spiraling maintenance costs. Besides, a well maintained filter ensures the water dispensed is not only in hygienic condition, but it's also healthy for use.


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