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How to Get Absolutely Free Gift Cards

Updated on December 25, 2014
Be careful of anything advertising something for nothing. read everything carefully before agreeing. some offers can change your financial status in a negative way and leave you holding an empty wallet.
Be careful of anything advertising something for nothing. read everything carefully before agreeing. some offers can change your financial status in a negative way and leave you holding an empty wallet. | Source
Get one for any sort of special celebration. Whether it is a bridal shower or graduation, it seems to be the perfect gift for lots of reasons.
Get one for any sort of special celebration. Whether it is a bridal shower or graduation, it seems to be the perfect gift for lots of reasons.

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There are a number of gift card giveaways if you know where to look

As consumers work through their holiday wish list they always notice gift cards are at the top. These are one of the most sought after items for the holidays. Whether shopping for Hanukkah or for Christmas this particular item seems to make the cut each time. It is an easy gift to shop for and located in a multitude of locations.

There are tons of advantages to giving them and getting them during this time of celebration. Getting a free one is the best deal for more reasons than imaginable and there are a number of ways to get absolutely free gift cards.

Reasons they make ideal presents

This is the perfect present for countless individuals and more than a few purposes. There are multiple advantages to offering one as a gift. There are no worries about the right size or correct color. They are age appropriate for one to one hundred and no hassles for whether or not it happens to be an item in the latest trendy fashion or style This is a piece of merchandise which promises to fit in a countless situations. In fact, any giver is hard pressed to discover any disadvantages.

Anyone on the receiving end is never found in long return lines after the holidays. One enormous benefit for getting these instead of the usual items is avoiding those horrible lines of customers during Black Friday. Imagine missing out on camping out for those "super special" deals on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Most of the time customers complain the advertised merchandise is not even in stock after a long and tiresome wait. Avoid all of that hassle with this alternative.

They are always available and ready to go at anytime. Last minute or early birds are all the same with this choice. In the last several years, more people have turning to purchasing these online. Some companies refer to them as E-tickets. They spend just like the plastic counterpart, but on via the web instead of in store.

One of the best ways to spend any kind of balance on one is on those wonderful after holiday season sales where the dollar goes further. In reality most shoppers get whatever they desire for a fraction of the cost.

With all of these benefits in mind, it is most certainly best to invest in one for any celebration. Tap these resources for how to get your next one for practically nothing or free.

Stores build repeat business

Retailers want devotion from customers. Those visiting a business only once are not worth the time of today. The amount of money a business is able to create from loyal customers coming in to shop more than a single time is certainly worth something to any retailer. One of the ways designed to attract the attention of an individual to come in more than once, is giving them a reason to. Free things is a great way to make this work.

Some promoters use the card to lure in the first time shopper. These are higher value card give away. The more money saved or free the more likely the individual will be to visit or even go out of their way to stop and shop.

Other marketing sources advise sending free gift cards are for smaller amounts for shoppers who haven't been in spending money recently. This is where some of those discount shopping cards come into play. They are able to track when, where and how money is spent by a visitor. Coupons are also another tracking mechanism. Using those with name and address tied to them show the same types of info.

Spending more money than the card is worth

Companies take the opportunity to give away gift cards looking forward to getting more money coming in than going out on the card. They make these free so eager shoppers buy more above and beyond the amount received on the promotional tool,

Reward devoted customers

Retailers notice customers shopping more than once at their store. In fact, using discount cards with name and address info updates a data system to personal specifics. For each card retailers have the opportunity to record how much is spent on what items and even what day and time of the week it happens. This is used for analysis and promotion. Devoted customers received monetary gifts in the form of refunds, coupons or even discounts at the gas pump.

Cellular phone companies anticipating clients on contract will remain with the same cell phone company if they have a free gift card. Most of these are in the amounts ranging from $50-$100.

Loyalty Programs

Stay on the lookout for loyalty promotions from certain Brands or your favorite merchants. The best free gift cards are generally ones that are exclusive and don’t last for very long. These have the highest value with little or no restrictions. Coming across one of interest is a wonderful way to get a free gift card for buying things needed or wanted. The card is an added bonus which did not affect whether the money would have been spent anyway.

Loyalty programs for customers are also in place for those spending a specific amount of money come with this type of freebie. Many of these are birthday cards or focused around popular holidays.

Children have become an attraction for merchants as a spending resource. They ask parents to register children's birthdays and send these cards to redeem as part of a birthday celebration. These are also received through email or snail mail.

Prescriptions merchants

Prescription programs for free gift cards are trendy. Prescriptions are probably the most money spent out of pocket by most people for medical care. With this in mind, getting customers to the right pharmacy is certainly important for the bottom line of any company.

There is an enormous amount of competition in the marketplace for medications. Tons of people are on a chronic med. These include a large amount of the baby boomers for high blood pressure or cholesterol. Getting these people refilling or bringing new ones is a gang buster of income for any company.

Surprisingly a number of these stores put this bargain forward for those persons without insurance copays or anyone willing to use a generic equivalent versus name brands. However, most exclude any government payments toward filling medications. Anyone covered by VA, Medicare of Medicaid may be out of luck.

Couponing is a craze not going away any time soon. Using these money saving items to get cash back from any item works to a customer's advantage in lots of ways. Some also function towards getting free gift cards. For an example, if you have one boasting $2 off of a $1 item the overage or refunded amount is capable of buying a gift card instead of getting the cash back.

Stores offer promotional bargains where monies are saved on the next in store purchase. Getting $20 or $30 off of the next purchase is certainly something to be turned into a gift card. The physical card is not put in hand. In reality the same amount of money saved is equal to a gift card for many. Instead of looking at the opportunity as a savings, look at it as a virtual gift card or a coupon one.

Double the money spent on them

Getting these for double the value is doable. This is especially true during the holiday season, Retailers give customers buying their cards a discount which in turn is actually letting buyers get double the value for every dollar spent on a gift card. For every $200 card purchased a $100 one is given to the same person free of charge.

A percentage of the total value spent

For instance, a $100 investment in one actually cost $90 or even $80. This means the difference in the face value it shows and the money spent to get it is as much as a $10 or $20 gift card.

Take the $20 savings and buy a $20 gift card for what is actually nothing. The transaction amounts to a $20 one for free or sometimes even double the original monies invested in one if the deal is good enough.

Take the change and get one

Coinstar is a company which charges to convert change or coins into paper money for a small fee. The Coinstar Company also changes coins into free gift cards for patrons. Coins are put in and gift cards are received out. For loose change lying around the house this amounts to some great deals.

Using the loose coins found at the bottom of a purse, coat pocket or in the cushions of the couch as a delightful way of obtaining something for monies most people never knew they had.


Numerous merchants offer these as a giveaway or as a freebie. This is normally done at a Grand Opening or during the popular Black Friday sale date. The first 100 or 200 customers receive one to use inside of the retailer outlet on anything a shopper would like. Having one in is just as good as spending free cash.

The merchant is usually receiving a profit because most shoppers buy more than they spend on the card. Both parties win.

Stores offer them at a discount

Some are presented at a discount. These are typically popular or trendy retailers where most people are already visiting. The more popular the store the easier it is for the retailer to afford large numbers of these at a reduced price. One example is the Costco chain. It is extremely well-liked by customers and has a quantity of select discount gift cards.

The savings buyers see is usually anywhere from 10% to 20% (which of course can be used to buy more ). Which particular ones are sold at a discount varies with which Costco store sells them.

Many of the deals found for discounted ones are to be used at favorite merchants such as Cheesecake Factory, Build a Bear and Olive Garden to name only a few.

Credit card companies

These are business entities are infamous for offering them. They are found in a number of ways. Loads present the opportunity to spend a specified amount of money at a particular vendor to receive one or even transfer balances from one credit instrument to another to get one.

Be careful using these sources for locating free gift cards. These types of freebies have the power to change personal finances or cost anyone more money than the freebie is worth. Make certain to read and understand everything involved with these types of advertising deals.

Beware of scams

Many free gift card websites need consumers to complete offers, answer surveys or other undertakings to receive what you thought was absolutely free of charge. Tasks are normally clearly identified with these websites, but some can make major changes in a consumer’s financial status. Restructuring loans or credit instrument balance changes will take place with some of these assignments. Be certain of the requirements or assignments before completing any duties required to receive these offers.

Do not give any personal info you don’t feel comfortable giving away to a website and a social security number is never required to get one. Anything you do not feel okay with, stay away from regardless of the bargain or deal being enticed. Use common sense and trust your gut.

There are countless scam websites around. This is true with anything offered for nothing. Keep your eyes open and radar for scammers turned on.

Knowing where to look is half the battle in getting free gift cards.
Knowing where to look is half the battle in getting free gift cards.

Where to find retailers willing to give free gift cards

Advertising tools like email or snail mail

Searching for find stores taking part in any of these types of marketing or promotional actions is typically done via advertisements. Ads are both virtual and snail mail. Virtual ads make up a large part of the process. It is easy to ask for an email address and get these sent out quickly and with less hassle than snail mail.

The United States Postal Service is not discounted as a resource for use. Countless businesses use bulk mail while others simply identify neighborhoods in their shopping area and direct mail these addresses.

New pharmacies

One of the most common examples of bringing in new business is the grocery store/pharmacy business. Grocery stores with pharmacies attached want their visitors to not only use their grocery services, but also the pharmacy. In order to pull these folks from another one to theirs they need an incentive. Offering a free gift card for new or transferred prescriptions does the trick for many. These generally are worth about $10. Look for new pharmacies opening up in the area for these types of rewards.

Facebook or Googleplus membership

Become fans of favorite shops with Facebook or Google Plus and follow them on Twitter as well as other social networking sites. Big brands are infamous for select promotions for their loyal subscribers and fans that follow them. One of the best ways to reward these loyal patrons is with free online gift cards.

Merchant's website

Get these without surveys or without other web participation deals you don’t want to take part in, if you know where to look. Socializing with the merchant is a terrific place to start your quest. Visit their website. Some give them up for reviews or tied to other promotional services.

Find shops which match or accept the competitor coupons

Retailers that match or accept competitor’s coupons typically honor these arrangements just like any other coupon for gift cards. This is another avenue to find them.

Instead of a refund or exchange

Refunds or exchanges for merchandise no longer in stock are an option for some stores. Many shoppers will simply accept they are unable to receive a cash refund or replacement merchandise, keeping something they no longer want or need. Ask for a gift card in place of a refund or exchange in these circumstances.

A wonderful opportunity is the grocery store industry for making this work. These are generally perishable items and the chances are higher a gift card process satisfies both parties.

promised in stock, but actually out of stock

Loads of stores lure eager people in to spend money with the promise of specific merchandise on sale and in stock. When this advertised item is not in stock, most of the time because they only have 10 to begin with, the logical option is an exchange for something more expensive at the same price. Anticipating some individuals will accept this exchange, a great many businesses make the offer. Though, a gift card is a possibility of a counter offer from the buyer. This works well in places like Best Buy or Radio Shack.

Gift cards are great for nearly anything. Concerts, dining and all sorts of other items.
Gift cards are great for nearly anything. Concerts, dining and all sorts of other items.

In conclusion

Although searching for free gift cards online can be a time consumer adventure, more often than not it is worth the time invested. Even redemption values of $5 or $10 add up.

There are quite a few freebies around the web today. Legitimate free gift card opportunities are around and about waiting to be located. Simply know where to search for them.

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