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Where to Get Grocery Store Coupons

Updated on July 8, 2011

Getting Grocery Coupons

Coupons for groceries are an easy way to lower your grocery bill. Many people think of grocery coupons as time wasters that only take a few cents off a grocery bill. However, grocery coupons can often make items completely free, and those that don't can often be doubled or tripled. I always save at least $15 by using coupons, and I have saved as much as $45 on grocery bills before by using grocery coupons. If you're on a tight budget, taking the time to find and use coupons can make an enormous difference in your weekly food bill.

To begin getting the best coupons, sign up with product companies online to get grocery coupons. Large companies that make an array of grocery items like Procter and Gamble and Johnson and Johnson offer coupons by mail to those who sign up with the company to receive them.

Get Coupons Online

Print your own coupons with printable online grocery coupons. There are many online coupon sites that have monthly lists of printable online coupons. To print them, you have to download a coupon printer program that works for most coupons websites. Then, go through the lists of coupons and add the ones you like to your saved list. Once you find all of the online coupons you want, print them and cut them out.

Sign up with product testing companies like VocalPoint and BzzAgent. Both of these sites are legitimate marketing sites that send you products to try out as well as plenty of coupons for those items. VocalPoint is a particularly good site for coupons because they send coupon booklets that are full of coupons for groceries and other household products.

I get tons of free product coupons just by signing up with sites like StartSampling and BzzAgent. Not only do you get sample products- you get coupons for free full-sized products. I've gotten such great grocery coupons before that cashiers have asked me where I got them and how they could get them too.

Check free sample sites like Wal-Mart's free sample area. All of the free samples come with grocery coupons and beauty product coupons.

Getting Local Coupons

Subscribe to your local Sunday paper. Most newspapers allow for a Sunday-only subscription. This allows you to get the Sunday paper every week at a lower price than if you bought it at the newsstand, and you don't have to pay for the other newspapers. The Sunday newspaper will have manufacturers' coupons as well as local store coupons.

Make the most out of your coupons by shopping at stores that double coupons. Many grocery store chains, like Publix and some Kroger stores, will double coupons up to .50. Some also have special triple coupon days. To find those, carefully read the circulars that come with the Sunday paper. Grocery stores usually advertise their special sales and triple coupons days in the Sunday newspaper.

Call Companies to Get Coupons

Simply calling the manufacturer of a company can get you plenty of product coupons. The packaging of virtually every product you buy has a toll-free phone number on it. The number is usually on the outside packaging, but if you don't find one there, look on the inside or on any inserts that come with it. Alternatively, you can get the phone numbers from the company's websites. If you have an interest in a product, the company that makes it wants you to buy it. Even if they don't make much (or any!) product on your first purchase of it, they hope that you will like it and will start buying it regularly. Simply tell them you are interested in buying and that you'd like to have coupons for it. 


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