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How to Get Free Food!

Updated on November 2, 2014

It's that time of year! The festive season of giving has arrived, and Albertsons is doling out free turkeys for the month of November, with a coupon. If you shop there all the time and the cashiers know you, they may give you a break without a coupon. The gist is a $100 valid purchase gets you a bird up to 16 lbs and a $150 purchase scores one up to $150. Here is how I milked it:

1. I bought stuff I already needed. Laundry soap, lunch meat, etc. I made the minimum purchase. I got the turkey. The weekly flyer coupons were presented on purchase. If you fall short, buy some gum or a magazine. The price is worth a $25-$35 turkey.

2. Cook that bird and carve it up. I carved about a month's worth of lunch meat from a 16 pound turkey and made three nights of dinner, at least. You can freeze turkey, and if you have kids, you may as well carve up some lunch meat. It's much fresher than the preservative packed garbage from a bag and it's free.

3. Use the best meat for a week's worth of dinner by not just eating the meat. Turkey is a tasty replacement for chicken. Why not throw it in instead of chicken with alfredo or in a casserole. Bake it with a nicely mixed combination of turkey, stuffing, and cream of chicken? It's quick, warm and yummy.

4. Go to different stores and at different times. I'm not saying to cheat the system but they put out two different coupons each week. If you really want free turkey you need to go to different stores at different times to ensure you get different cashiers. I've met with good results going to one store during the week and another on the weekend. They either don't remember you used the coupon or don't care. If you have the coupon you're usually good to go. If they say something, oh well. You lost nothing.


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