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How to Get Free Money from Government Grants

Updated on September 15, 2011

Grant writing can be a time consuming process, but the prospect of getting free money to further your education, purchase your first home, or start your own business makes it well worth the effort.

Tips for Winning Grants

Grants are offered for a variety of different purposes and for varying dollar amounts. When it comes to completing a grant application, however, the general process is the same.

  • Read the application carefully. If you hope to get free money from government grants, you need to be sure your proposal matches the funding objectives of the agency. It's also important not to omit information from your application. If omissions don't cause your application to be rejected outright, they could delay the processing of your grant money.
  • Be as specific as possible. To get free money from government grants, you need facts, concrete examples, and details that will convince the judges your proposal is worth the grant award. Opinions from experts may also be included, such as an attorney or an accountant who has evaluated your business plan.
  • Write clearly. A well-written grant application is much more likely to receive funding. Pay attention to spelling and grammar. Don't use vague language, complex sentences, and unnecessary jargon. If possible, have two or three different people proofread your application to make sure there are no factual or typographical errors.
  • Don't overlook the importance of a clear presentation. Subheadings, bullets, and a legible font choice can make your application look professional. Wide margins to allow for note taking make your application convenient for judges to review. Visual aids such as charts and graphs may also be helpful.

A New Career Opportunity

If you find that you enjoy discovering how to get free money from government grants, you may want to consider working as a freelance grant writer. Non-profit organizations of all types often hire writers to help prepare their applications for competitive grant programs.


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    • JEDiamondM profile image

      JEDiamondM 6 years ago from southeastern, Michigan

      What kind of grants are out there to get? And can you give an idea of where someone would get started to where to apply?