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How to Get Free Silver From Local Banks Month After Month

Updated on June 27, 2013
Chuck Bluestein profile image

At age 16 I was a volunteer at a hospital bacteriology lab. I became a chemist for U.S. government. Then I studied health & related fields.

Silver Coins

Silver Eagle coin that is 99.9% silver.
Silver Eagle coin that is 99.9% silver. | Source
Silver Maple Leaf from Canada that is 99.99% silver
Silver Maple Leaf from Canada that is 99.99% silver | Source

Get Banks To Give You Free Silver

This was written June 23, 2013. I knew about this before. But now they are having TV ads for it at times that retired people or people over 50 are watching TV. The website has '50' in the URL. When you go there you watch a video by a medical doctor who is an expert at making money in unusual ways including in the stock market.

Now the first reaction that I had was that it was a scam but then I figured it out while watching the video. Now what are they selling? They are selling the best thing to sell through the mail. [It can also be sold on the internet also.] The best thing to sell through the mail is paper.

But they are not selling blank paper but paper with writing on it. So they are selling information. Specifically with this, you get a newsletter with information about getting free silver from banks and other ways to make money including buying stocks. Information is the best thing to sell in mailorder.

Note many times a group will buy penny stocks and then promote them with mailings or other media causing the price of the share to go up. Then they sell them. So this is an extra way for them to make money. So be very cautious of this. The odds of a penny stock going anywhere is near the odds of winning a lottery.

Here is the basis for many ways to make money in mailorder and on the internet. It is not illegal but is unethical, in my opinion. See if you can figure it out. You see an ad in a paper. It says:

Get hundreds of people to send you a $5 bill every month. To learn how to do it, send me a $5 bill.

Then when you send in $5 you get instructions telling you to place ads just like this one in enough papers where you are getting hundreds of people responding to it. Then just send them what you were sent.

A recent way to get people to buy things are these videos that let you stop and start them but do not let you see how much time is left or fast forward them. I usually avoid watching them. So when they were talking about people getting free money from banks they were giving different testimonials from people who did it.

The idea is to get your curiosity going so that you pay for your subscription to their paper (newsletter). Also as more of a gimmick they say that to get this free silver from the banks you just say 5 magic words. Now in case you are wondering there is nothing magical about the words.

It makes you think that you can just say something like "according to the silver act of 1912, give me $50 in silver." Or maybe it is like a Jedi mind trick where you say "give me the silver now" while you wave your hand. Now they do mention that you do not know how much silver you will get and you may not get any at all depending on the bank and the moment that you ask.

But the biggest clue for me was that I noticed that it was targeted toward people that were over 50 or retired. These people have a lot more time than other groups. Then in one testimonial a guy said that it was all about the thrill of the hunt. Then I knew what it was since I had read about it before.

So the people in the banks are not going to give you silver that they know of. They are giving you silver that they do not know about. Now if you are retired and have nothing better to do or are unemployed, you could do this to make money. Actually I know people with adult children that have no income.

One of the testimonials on the video was a lie since the guy said that he liked to be able to stick it to the banks since they have been sticking it to people for so long. The latter part is true. But you are not hurting the banks in any way since they do not know that they have this silver.

So here is what you need to know. Before 1965, the dimes, quarters and half dollars were made of 90% silver. The Kennedy half dollars were 40% silver between 1965 and 1970. So the above coins are worth a lot more than their face value. Someone on the video below says the 40% silver half dollars are worth over $3 due to the silver in them. Of course the value of silver fluctuates-- a fancy way of saying that it goes up and down.

Also every day people will take a load of coins that they have been saving for a long time and bring them into the bank to get cash (paper money) for them. Actually they say that an easy way to save money is to just throw your change into a large bottle and let it accumulate. Also a person may have been doing this for 60 years and then he dies. So someone else needs to cash in all of that change.

Of course every year that goes by there will be less silver to find because it gets further from 1964. Also other people doing this will lower your chances of finding silver. Also if the bank ever have an employee looking through the change then the banks will no longer give away free silver.

As far as the thrill of the hunt, it has the enjoyment of gambling but you spend time not money. So you go to the banks and pay for a few hundred dollars of quarters, dimes and half dollars. You can return them for cash at a different bank when your are done. Note that if someone does this right before you and they give you his coins, you will not find any silver.

Now you do not need to look at the date on every one of them. You put a stack of them in your hand and look at the sides of them. The ones after 1965 (this will not work with the 1965-1970 half dollars) will have a layer of silver color and steel color (see video below). The ones before 1965 will be totally a silver color on the side and they stick out from the others. You can find a place to sell them to based on the price of silver. Or you may want to hold on to them and wait for the price of silver to go up.

Some Other Easy Ways To Make Money

Make Money by Picking Up Beautiful Looking Young Women

Now I could sell information on how to make money picking up beautiful looking young women. How much should I charge for that information? I believe in karma so in other words the more you give the more you get. You can hear more about this on the video below called Give Love. Also Jesus said "As you sow, so shall you reap."

Once I misquoted this and people thought it was funny. I said "As you sow, so shall you weep." So how do you make money picking up beautiful young women? By driving a cab. I drove a cab part time in Philadelphia around where there are many colleges.

In the whole country, there are more colleges around the Philadelphia area than anywhere else. Harvard was the first college in the U.S. University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia is the first university in the country. It became that when they created the first medical school or college in the country. Now University of Pennsylvania has 12 colleges or schools.

I had many great experiences driving a cab and the UPenn students were my favorite people to talk to in the cab. To get into that college, you have to be brilliant and I learned that I loved talking to brilliant people. Once I picked up a group of beautiful young women while there was a very heavy rainfall and when they got into my cab one of them said to me "I love you."

Once I had a group of young women in my cab and one was telling me how to go but since she was not aware of the one-way streets it was taking us much longer. She asked to smoke and I said "no" and said that we would have been there by now if she did not insist on me taking her way.

She then said something to me that I responded to by saying that she can smoke and do whatever she wants and it is okay with me. Now she paid me and gave me a tip but she even asked if she could not pay me at all and I said that that was fine. So what magic words did she use on me? She said "when we get home all of us will show you our breasts." When we arrived at their house they all showed me their breasts.

Yard Sales

Ben Franklin said "A penny saved is a penny earned." But that was before there were taxes. Now a penny saved is worth more than a penny earned since when you pay taxes on a penny, you have less than a penny. So I like to go to yard sales. You never know what treasures that you will find. I find brand new books at them that cost a dollar or less. They give me information that I can write articles on.

At one yard sale they had a hardback book by Chuck Norris called Black Belt Patriotism in new condition. I looked at it and bought it for a dollar since I liked the pictures in it. At age 16, I fought in the junior division of the Northeast United States Regional Karate Championships in Reading, Pennsylvania. I was in the finals and came in second.

The fighting part that I was in is called kumite that is like Japanese for sparring. Then there is the form that you do by yourself called kata that is like Japanese for form. Now I probably could have won kata since size is not an issue at all. Whereas in fighting the taller someone is, the longer their reach. So that was a challenge for me since I am only 5'5".

Note that the junior division is for everyone of all belts that is under 18 years old. So I had to get my grandfather to sign the form that he agrees not to sue even if I get killed in the tournament. The tournament was sponsored by George Dillman who had a karate school in Reading. Muhammad Ali trained with him and got an honorary black belt in karate. From that book I was able to create the article, Chuck Norris and the 7 Pillars of Health.

Treasure Hunting for Gold

Here is one more way to make money that a lot of people enjoy. In fact a while back it was the major reason for so many Americans to go West. Many to like to hunt for gold and find gold. I live in southern Arizona. A neighbor of mine, Bill, can go out for a couple of hours and find gold. Of course how much it is worth depends on the daily price of gold.

The last step for finding the gold is to pan it and pick the pieces of gold out of the pan. They call these little pieces of gold placer gold. My neighbor is an expert on this. He showed me when he was picking the gold out of the pan. His website on finding gold is Nugget Shooter. It says:

Welcome to Nugget Shooter
Your #1 source for Gold Nugget Hunting Information and Gold, Coin, Treasure and Relic hunting Metal Detectors.

My name is Bill Southern. I have been using a metal detector to find gold nuggets (Nugget Shooting) for well over 20 years with Minelab being my detector of choice for the last 12 or so of those years. Currently I am using the Minelab GPX 5000 and am very impressed with the newest offering from Minelab!

I am very passionate about nugget shooting and I thought I'd share some of my experiences as well as some lessons hard learned over the years with other folks interested in searching for the elusive yellow metal that hopefully will help you get a step ahead of the crowd. With today's gold prices well above $1500.00 per ounce (see chart to your left of page) what better hobby to get into?

Please note that I have articles about how the U.S. money used to based on silver and gold. Now it is based on nothing and so they can print up as much money as they want that causes the dollar to become worth less and less (inflation).

How To Get Real Silver From Your Bank

MC Yogi - GIVE LOVE (giving4living mix) says "What We Give is What We Get."

This video demonstrates finding silver coins looking at the sides.

The coin counting machine did not recognize silver quarters as quarters.


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