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How to Get Free Stuff on the Internet

Updated on October 21, 2010

Get Stuff for Free

Is it really possible to get stuff free online? It certainly is. I've been getting stuff free online for about 12 years. While the placed to get free stuff come and go, there has rarely been a dry spell in the amount of free items being offered online.

You can have the acquisition of free products as a hobby, as I have, or you can put a lot more time into the game to get free items in the mail every single day.

Free Sample Sites

Back when the Internet was new, there were just a few good free sample sites. Today, there are hundreds of sites that feature links to free items every day. However, not all of them are good.

I don't like sites that have a lot of free virtual items, like free ebooks or free wallpaper. I want to get free stuff that comes in the mail and that I can actually use. Real, physical free stuff saves you money on buying the same items in the store. That's what it's all about for me, so I don't like the free sites that offer a lot of virtual freebies or that push the same junk freebies every day because of a company sponsorship.

I also dislike free sample sites that are there to push "offers" rather than freebies. A freebie is something that is sent to you for free, end of story. An offer is one that you either have to pay for and then get a rebate for the price, or you have to sign up for a free membership and have to cancel the membership to avoid a monthly fee. In my opinion, a freebie doesn't require a credit card, and it isn't something virtual.

Free sample sites that out together real free samples are priceless for getting free stuff online. To get free stuff before companies reach their limits, check the following sites every day or two to see what's new in freebies.

Freebie Blogs

There are a number of blogs that offer lots of free stuff online as well as information about how to get free stuff in stores. If you are interested in that, there are stores like CVS and Walgreens that offer deals that will get you free stuff or even make you money on your purchases. These blogs also include plenty of free samples and free offers that are available online.

Start Sampling

Start Sampling is a site that collects a lot of freebies, including some great ones like free gift certificates and free year-long magazine subscriptions. The site also gives you points every time you log in and look at the freebies ads. You can get free tote bags and t-shirts with the points.

Some of the freebies are the Wal-Mart site freebies, but most are other freebies that are very useful. I have at least two magazine subscriptions that were free through the site. I also regularly get snacks, laundry and beauty items, hygiene items and more.

What You Can Get Free Online

When you take the time to get free stuff online, you often get free product smaples form major companies what want you to try their product and become hooked, buying it again and again. Here are just a very small percentage of the items that I have gotten free on the Intenret:

Full-size bottles of cleaning supplies

Full-size boxes of over-the-counter drugs like Excederin and Prilosec

Three different wrinkle cream tubes

Snack bags


Protein bars

Temporary tatttoos

Feminine hygiene products- so many that I haven't had to buy them for more than a year

Several teeth whitening products

Free books

Nutritional supplements

Free Stuff for Marketing

There are a few marketing sites that send members free samples of imtes in exchange for marketing the items to tohe rpeople. This is usually just an agreement to tell other people about the items. 

BzzAgent is a fun site that does send members free items to try out and tell people about. I've gotten makeup, home cleaning items, bug repellant and other items from the company.

Vocalpoint is another site that does give out free products, including makeup, food and other useful items. I've gotten coupons for free food items from them.


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