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How to Get Home Depot Coupons / Gift Cards For Less

Updated on March 28, 2013
Photo compliments of
Photo compliments of

I Basically Live at Home Depot

Being a retail store owner, I'll be darned if there is a single week that passes that I don't have to go to Home Depot for SOMETHING, whether it be a tool, brackets, Liquid Nails... good grief. Check out my video below:

My Review of Home Depot

Ok So Enough of the Silly, Let's Start Saving

There's THREE main ways to save money at Home Depot. Well, four I guess if you want "duh advice" such as "Look at the Weekly Sale Paper", but assuming you already are aware that basically every franchise store has a "sale paper", let's move on -

Way #1:

Shop ONLINE and Pick Up In-Store. You can usually get better deals simply by shopping and paying online then select the store you want to pick-up at. TRICK: Create a 100% FREE Account with - you'll earn 5% cash back on ALL purchases at Home Depot (excluding Gift Cards). All you need to do is create your free account with Mr. Rebates then use their search box in the upper left hand corner and search for "Home Depot":

You will not only see the "rebate amount" but also Coupon Codes you can use.

Be sure to become familiar with the online SAVING CENTER on the Home Depot website. For example, todays (3-28-2013) Special Deal was 50% off a cool storage system:

Home Depot DEAL OF THE DAY 3-28-2013
Home Depot DEAL OF THE DAY 3-28-2013

Home Depot Gift Cards for Less

Here's a second trick. Let's say you KNOW you have a project coming up but you don't need to go to Home Depot at this very second in time; for example, let's say you know you need to replace some wood on your deck or buy paint to redo a bedroom or whatever the case may be....or maybe you're like me and always need to buy stuff and find yourself there constantly.

You can get Gift Cards on eBay to Home Depot for less than the value of the card. Even if you end up paying $15 for a $25 gift card, hey, you're still getting a few boxes of nails for free!

Here's some of the current eBay listings for Home Depot gift cards:

Shop Damaged, "Oops" and Sale Sections

Here's three great examples of how I saved money by purchasing items that were "imperfect":

1. I needed to paint a blue room in the store. I knew, based on size of the room, the the color I wanted to do the room in was going to take over two gallons of paint, but probably less than three. I purchased 2 gallons of the paint I really wanted at full price then shopped the "Oops Paint Section" and grabbed the blue they had - a full gallon for only $5! I used the "Oops - Blue" as an accent wall.

2. I needed to purchase snap together wood for a small area. I needed only 2 boxes. I was able to find a box that had the very top piece chipped. I got this box / case for 60% off due to the single chip. I used the chipped piece as my very corner piece. After trim was applied over it, the chip is covered!

3. Sale Sections are my favorite. If I know I need something, such as a light fixture, but I am open to ideas / designs, I will head immediately to the clearance section online or in-store. I can usually find something that will work and save 20% or more.

Another Savings Trick: Price Matching

Home Depot WILL pricematch on same items PLUS give you an additional 10% off.

Here's the Terms from Home Depots website:

"If you find a current lower price on an identical, in-stock item from any local retailer, we will match the price and beat it by 10%. Excludes special orders, bid pricing, volume discounts, open-box merchandise, labor and installation, sales tax, rebate and free offers, typographical errors and online purchases"

Which Do You Prefer to Shop At?

See results

Most of All: BE CREATIVE

Below you will see a photo of a "dock theme table" I made for my retail stores "Ocean Room". The project looks complex and expensive but in reality, with a little creativity it was probably one of the easiest projects we have done!

A few pieces of wood cut to size, some "nautical looking" posts wrapped in thick "nautical inspired rope" and wood-looking-contact-paper!

My Home Depot DOCK TABLE

The table my friend and I made for my store, POSH by Tori Boutique in Michigan
The table my friend and I made for my store, POSH by Tori Boutique in Michigan

Just a Few Other Tricks

Join the Home Depot Mailing List and get customized email specials sent right to you as they are posted

Orange Insider:Sneak peaks at exclusive savings.
Local Ad:First-looks at specials from your nearest store.

Garden Club:All the news that's fit to pot, plus email-only offers.

How-To Newsletter:Tips, tricks, and tools for tons of projects.

Special Buy of the Day:The name says it all. Daily deals, delivered.

PRO:Deals designed to make your job easier.

ALSO, if you are looking to do a project, check out the Home Depot Blog. They have a lot of great ideas that are posted from all over the internet, including Instagram, YouTube and more!

You may even find inspiration for your current project simply by checking out their blog and reading non-related project ideas!


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