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How to Get Paid for Tweeting

Updated on February 10, 2011

Getting Paid to Tweet - How can Tweeting Make you Money?

With the absurd amounts of time that people waste on social media sites nowadays, it's sad to say that most see very little, if any, benefit for their time spent. In the hub that follows, I'll show you how to build up a successful Twitter account, and followed by how surprisingly simple it is to make money from your Tweets!  Enjoy.

Step 1: Get Followers

This process is actually surprisingly simple, but before you can start making money from your Tweets, you need to first have a Twitter account that people actually read. If you think you're interesting enough, you can make money right off of a personal account. Otherwise, choose a topic that you think you can tweet about a lot, and without straying too much from a theme. These accounts seem to do particularly well. Ready? Good. Head over to Twitter and get yourself an account.

Great job! Your a Tweeter now. Here are some thoughts on how to get your new account noticed.

  • Import your contacts from other sites (Facebook, Gmail, etc.)
  • Submit your new Twitter to a few Twitter directories like WeFollow
  • Get yourself on some lists. A good way to do this is by joining some relevant groups on Twibes
  • Remember to follow people back that follow you. This attracts followers. You can use SocialOomph to automate this and make sure you don't miss anybody!

There's a lot more that you can do to promote a Twitter account, such as these other hubs on getting Twitter followers here, and here.  But these are the basics, and we both know you're really interested in this article: MONEY! Read on, and we'll talk about how to start getting you paid.

Step 2: Make Money Tweeting!

Now that you're on your way to becoming a master tweeter, it's time to make you some money. Head on over to Sponsored Tweets and sign-in with your Twitter account. Sponsored Tweets will immediately recommend a rate for sponsors to bid on your tweets.

Tweet rates vary, however at the time of writing this article, the average rate appears to be just over $1 per tweet per 1000 Twitter followers. For example, one particular Twitter account that I have has 25,000 followers. I am now regularly offered in the neighborhood of $25 from sponsors.  Similarly, another account with 3,000 followers makes just over $3 per tweet.

Once you've signed up, sponsored tweets will continue to be proposed to you in the categories that you define (I recommend choosing at least 5-6 categories, to cover whatever is remotely related to your content, as to maximize the number of sponsors bidding for your tweets).  Good luck and happy tweeting!


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