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How to Get Rich, Prosper, and Experience Increase

Updated on March 9, 2012
Micheal Phelps
Micheal Phelps

The Micheal Phelps Effect

In this HUB I want to show you how to get rich! According to recent studies most of today's millionaires are first generation millionaires. What does this mean? It means that they used to NOT be millionaires, but was able to move from average to wealthy.

Here now is the hard truth, if they can do it then you can too! However, just because you "can" doesn't mean you "will." There are certain things that must be done.

Let me give you an example to show you what I mean. If I were to start training with Micheal Phelps, the gold medal swimmer, what would happen? There is one obvious answer that I would like you to focus on, "I would become a better swimmer." My body would tone down, my swimming speed would increase, and my endurance would increase. Why? Because that is what the training produces.

The same is true with becoming wealthy. Riches are a "result" of something, not a reward for something. While there are always exceptions to the rule, like those who win lotteries there are only a handful that become exceptions. Therefore, we can safely assume we are not the exception.

In this HUB I am going to deal with the elements necessary that can make anyone rich. There will be two specific words that I give you that is a key to becoming rich, but let me warn you -- most people will stop ready as soon as they hear these two words. This is the reason why the vast majority are NOT rich, but squeak out a meager existence.

Two Important Words

Okay, here is your escape door where most will slip out of the room. Why? Because these two words paint a negative picture in our minds. If you can master these two words you have made the most important step to becoming wealthy. The two words are time and discipline.

Unless you can run a football at lightning speed, throw a baseball and breakneck speeds, sing with spectacular impact you are NOT going to become wealthy overnight. It takes time to build wealth and this is where the majority fail. The reason we fail in this area is because here in America our culture is based around immediate gratification and wealth building centers around delayed gratification.

Because of this mindset we don't discipline ourselves to do the things that will produce wealth. There are very few Micheal Phelps in the world that are willing to, day in and day out, do what is necessary to reach a goal.

We have many excuses that keep us from building wealth. When we are young we say that we don't make enough money, I have time to do it later, or I don't know if I will live to be 80. Then when we are older we say things like "it's too late to start." Once we get past our multitude of excuses we can deal with the real issue -- ourselves. Am I will to do what is necessary to build wealth?

You Have to Start Somewhere

How do we build wealth? Actually the answer is very easy -- you start by starting. Until you set something aside (discipline/delayed gratification) you will never start building wealth. You may not be able to take $1,500 per month and build wealth with it but you probably can take $15.00!

My point is, even if you could only start with a $1.00 it is in building this discipline where you start to increase your wealth. An amazing thing happens when time and discipline become an asset to you. Even when starting off slow it is amazing how it accumulates and increase comes to allow you to maximize what you are doing.

About 15 years ago I purposed to invest $5 per month. In case you are not real good with math that is only $60 per year. Yes, about the cost of dinner for two at a nice restaurant. It was amazing how that once I purposed to do this I was able to increase what I was doing. Last year in this one investment I was able to put $30,000.00 into it.

What I want you to understand is that once I developed the discipline then time started to work for me. It wasn't an immediate turn around, but continually I was able to do more and more until the numbers were actually meaningful.

When you start focusing on increase it is amazing how increase will come to you. One of the things that will happen when you really purpose to increase is that you will start learning how money works. Once you start learning how money works you stop doing the things that steal your wealth.

It would be like us having the opportunity to train with Mr. Phelps. It would be tremendously hard at first. We would struggle getting up early and then doing the things he does, but once you started seeing results that actually benefited you personally you would look for way to maximize the benefits.

When you reach this point in your life your life starts acting like compounding interest. Your life starts getting shifted into high gear, it's almost like opportunities start seeking you out. The reason it's like this is not so much that opportunities are seeking you out, its you -- you become aware of the opportunities that were there all the time and now your motive is to capitalize on these opportunities. The more you take advantage of them the more you desire greater opportunities.

But I come back to where I started, you are the key. If you cannot get over the discipline/time hurdle that keeps you make decisions for instant gratification then you will never accumulate anything worth much.


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