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How to Get a Free U.S. Bank Account

Updated on April 17, 2013

Step by Step on How to Get a Free U.S. Bank Account as a Non-US Citizen

Spending the money one has acquired through online business may be challenging for those leaving outside United States. Sometimes people have hundreds of dollars inside their account, but this money may be there for months if not years before being able to get it. The problem of waiting for months before you can turn your cheque to cash constitutes another problem for people leaving outside U.S. This is why it is very important to have a U.S. account.

Getting an offshore bank account is usually too difficult most of the time, and this may be too expensive for online businessman who just needs to cash out few hundreds of dollars every month. One of the few companies that allow people to have U.S account free of charge is Payoneer Inc. It is a U.S. company that is similar to Paypal Inc.

For someone to qualify for Payoneer U.S payment service (this payment service is a U.S checking account with routing number), one will need to be a payoneer card holder. Applying for payoneer card is a very simple task, and this can be done on their webpage. All you need to do is to get either driving licence, international passport, or your country national ID card (any of this will do). After filling the card application form, Payoneer will send you an email informing you to send any of these IDs for verification process. After the card approval (the card application may take up to one week before it is approved), the card will be mailed out to the applicant free of charge. It may take up to three weeks before the applicant get the card, depending on the country the applicant is residing.

After the card is approved, you have the opportunity to apply for Payoneer U.S payment service. Payoneer will send you an email (this email normally comes with the card approval email) telling to provide these four information:

1. The services or products you offer (include website URLs if applicable)?

2. Direct web links showing some examples of your products, services and other online activity. Please make sure the links include mention of your name or shows your relation to the product/service.

3. Screenshot of your online account with the company you wish to receive payments from (e.g.: PayPal, Amazon, Skrill, etc.). The screenshot should include your name and account balance.

4. A copy of a government-issued photo ID. You can send your driver's license, passport or national ID. If your ID is in a different language than English, international passport is preferred. Note: If you have already provided us with your ID copy, please skip this requirement.

It is not difficult to get all these details, for example you may provide them with your blog address just to tell them that your service is blogging. Giving them your website address (if you have one) should do, and you may also provide them with the website details of the online company you are working for. The most important is to be able to convince them that you are doing a legitimate business on the internet.

After U.S payment system approval, the next is to start using it straight-away! However there are some charges that are involved when using the card and the U.S account. These details can be found on their site.

More importantly, you should note that Payoneer U.S payment service is strictly meant for online business, and this is why you may not be able to send money with it; it is mainly used to receive money from approved companies like PayPal, Google, Amazon, Facebook Inc. etc. Once the money is in your U.S. account, you can withdraw it from any ATM (in your local currency) with the Payoneer Mastercard giving to you, or you can use it to buy things online. Also Payoneer Local Bank Transfer has solved the problem of not being able to send money with Payoneer U.S payment system. With this Local Bank Transfer, you can send money to your bank account in your country (about 220 countries are supported) in dollars or your local currency, if local currency is supported. More information on their local bank transfer can be found on there site.

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