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How to Make Money with a 100 Dollar Investment

Updated on February 3, 2013
Marye Audet profile image

Marye Audet-White is an internationally known food writer, food editor for Texas Living, cookbook author, and food blogger.

How to Divide the Money

There is all kinds of information on the Internet about how to invest. Much of it is inspiring to read, but holds very little usable information for those of us who have less than 1,000.00 to invest. I wondered if it was possible to invest small sums, $100. or less, and actually make money.

I decided that it would be worth some work, but not a lot. This plan is workable, and there is very little risk to it. As you read through the list, think about how diversifying works. Especially when investing a small amount like $100.00 it is important to spread that investment around. Here is what I came up with.

The Details

Sharebuilders is an investment firm which allows people to invest small amounts of money. Reinvest all of your dividends. They allow you to buy stock in dollar amounts as small as $1.00, for a monthly fee of $12.00. Since there are other charges involved we will call this $25.00.

Go to eBay and search for Carleton Sheets No Money Down Real Estate Investment package. You can find it for as little as ten dollars. My husband and I have used this program, and we own three houses; two investment homes, and the vintage home we are restoring. You do need to follow the program, and you are probably not going to have the results that are talked about in the book but you can make money this way. We have made over $60,000.00 profit in three years.

Since you will have to pay shipping, this will be $15.00 of the $100.00

This leaves us with a balance of $60.00 to invest.

Put $10.00 in a savings account. Every time you make $100.00 put $10.00 in the bank. It does not make much interest, however it is important to cultivate the habit of savings. By saving ten percent of your income from your investments your savings will grow.

Give $10.00 to your favorite charity, or tithe it to your church. Every time you make $100.00 from your investments give another $10.00. There is a principle involved here as well, and by sowing generously you will reap generously.

This gives us a balance of $40.00

If there is a craft that you can do, such as make soap, or handmade items, invest the rest of the money in materials and open up a shop on Etsy. Once you have opened your shop sign up for a blog on one of the free blog hosts like Blogspot. Begin writing about your merchandise on your blog. Comment on other people's blogs, offer merchandise giveaways for promotion, and use good SEO. Reinvest your profits in building your company.

If you are not able to do crafts you can still use the $40.00 to make money online by buying items, especially collectibles, at thrift shops and garage sales and then selling them on ebay. To do this with collectibles you will need to check out a guide to collectibles at the library.

If you like to garden use the $40.00 to buy a book called Backyard Market Gardening. This will cost $20.00 plus shipping. Use the remaining money to buy supplies and begin your backyard marketing business.

If that won't work either , then take out an ad in a local paper to clean a house. Just take one client and do the house on your day off. It will take about three hours. In my area that will translate to about $100.00.

Repeat the above strategy as often as needed.

Really, investing money to make money is largely a mind set, a set of good habits, and the resolve to actually do it.


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    • The Commodore profile image

      The Commodore 4 years ago from Salisbury, MD

      Great article Marye;

      I really agree with you that investing is a mindset, it just require that's "do it" attitude. People make it sound so difficult, I like content, like yours, that simplifies us for us average folk. I found this useful as well.

    • profile image

      kontatam 4 years ago

      i think that it is ipossible to make money just with $ 100.00

    • profile image

      collins 5 years ago

      Really interesting, i m indepted to what i read in huppage so its really true that someone can set up his or her business with this ideal and come out with a good thing

    • monicamelendez profile image

      monicamelendez 5 years ago from Salt Lake City

      Very interesting guide Mary. Great principles behind it. Save 10%, donate 10%. I love it.

    • John Z profile image

      John Z 5 years ago from Midwest


      This is a great hub on legitimate investing for the small investor. So many scams on the internet but so little common snese. You obviously have some. Thanks.

    • Hypersapien profile image

      Hypersapien 5 years ago

      Nice hub. I really like the part about tithing/giving to charity, because that is something that is often overlooked.

    • NiaG profile image

      NiaG 5 years ago from Louisville, KY

      Think I'll give Shareholders a try. Thanks Mary!

    • Marye Audet profile image

      Marye Audet 6 years ago from Lancaster, Texas

      Long term returns are important. Quick money is not lasting money

    • profile image

      Josh  6 years ago

      Hi, i like these ideas, but they take long time to see returns, well big returns.

    • beldorian profile image

      beldorian 7 years ago from Round Rock, TX

      I dig your page, it is a great idea and very simple

    • profile image

      Steve 8 years ago

      Your hub makes investing in your business not seem as scary or overwhelming. I had forgotten about Sharebuilders. Thank you for the reminder.

    • manitobagold profile image

      manitobagold 9 years ago from Canada

      I think your suggestions are great. I started out in a very similar fashion. The part about learning to save is a great thing to do, however personally I think there may be better places to place savings than in the bank (perference). But if it works to ensure saving some loot then by all means.

      Thanks for the suggestions and memory boost!

    • profile image

      markion 9 years ago from London

      great suggestions!

    • redwood profile image

      redwood 9 years ago

      Very interesting post. I wish someone would set up something like this in the UK

    • Panic 39 profile image

      Panic 39 9 years ago

      Hubs like this keep me going!

    • Peter M. Lopez profile image

      Peter M. Lopez 9 years ago from Sweetwater, TX

      Good stuff.

    • profile image

      highwaystar 9 years ago

      Totally realistic, I've done almost the same scenario using a real estate leap frog investing strategy, I'd say you've provided excellent guidelines for turning a small investment into a practical and tangible return, thanks for sharing, cheers!

    • profile image

      mitchelw 9 years ago

      Great suggestions i might have to try this out sometime i like the fact that you include giving money to charity i think everyone should donate what they can to charity

    • kappa022 profile image

      kappa022 9 years ago from Florida

      I think these are great suggestions. It's too bad America seems to be a "gimme now" society weith little patience. These steps, if taken by people who are patient, will serve them well. However, with America being a show me results now society, it can be hard to find people with the discipline needed to follow some of these strategies.

    • profile image

      Rudy 9 years ago

      Some of your suggestions will really work, in my opinion. However, the real estate thing is hard for people that don't use credit and have no credit history, to me. I looked at Sharebuildres and the $25/month is too high for us little investors. But Etsy looks promising.

      Banks be durned, though! 1% interest is all we can get in my hometown. In 1968 it was triple that for my grandparents - and they still hid money in coffee cans buried in the back yard.

      Thanks for a good article. I may try Etsy.

    • ohohdon profile image

      ohohdon 9 years ago from Yakima

      Your suggestions are very practical. This leaves no excuse for anyone hesitant to start their own business.

    • profile image

      munroenet 9 years ago

      We need more business in America so people get to work. Also making a business isn't that hard just start. Great hub!