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Living Comfortably on Practically Nothing

Updated on October 4, 2014

In these times it is very difficult to make ends meet as our salaries do not match the every day expenses and with the economic status, life is getting tougher each year and we are finding it more and more difficult to survive.

Most of us spend more than we earn, take out credit cards and loans just to get by but end up stressing about having to pay up at the end of every month.

We have all counted our pennies or cents at some stage and being broke is the worst feeling to have.

To avoid having that "sick to the stomach" feeling every month, there is a way to change it and live on practically nothing and still feel comfortable.

You do, however, have to change a few things and this will take a little time but it can be done!


If you are single, you are lucky because there are many more option for you.

Firstly, renting a place that sleeps an entire family is unnecessary and the expense is not needed. If you enjoy living in a big space than get a roommate to share the costs.

Find yourself a small bachelor pad or a granny flat that sleep one and cut your rent in half.

If you have a family and you are renting because you cannot afford to buy your own property than look around for the best deal and once you have found it, encourage your family to save on electricity.


If you have a car then you will find that petrol has increased and decreased more than we can count! Try to avoid doing many trips and get yourself organised to drive conveniently to where you need to be without having to go back and forth wasting petrol.

Organise a lift scheme for friends without transport and get them to pay a share of the fule cost.

If you use public transport than find out about a monthly ticket to save you some money.

Remember that walking is good for you so try to go down to your local store on your own two feet!


Shopping every day makes you spend more than you need to so buy your groceries for the week and if you have a deep freeze than buy for the month. It's cheaper than going everyday.

Don't food shop on an empty stomach!

Get your fruit and vegetables from a green grocer as it is cheaper than the convenience stores.

Look for specials as that will give you extra money to spend on things you like.

If you have many credit cards and accounts then get a loan to pay them off so that you only have the one loan to pay. Look around for the best interest rate because that might defeat your purpose.

Pay your rent, lights, expenses and then with the money that you have left over which is always next to nothing...... you can have a great time without feeling uncomfortable.

Steps to Live Comfortably

Buy groceries in bulk.

Find specials for breakfast, lunch or dinner to ensure that you can also have a social life.

Join a carpool or find a monthly bus ticket to save money on transport.

Most grocery stores have afternoon specials where the date of expiry is no longer allowed to be on the shelves. There is nothing wrong with the products but some have to be used on the day that you buy them and they are half price!

Saving money on groceries, rent and transport can give you that little extra to spend on a day out or a night on the town!

Look for cheap discounts on calls for your mobile and home line.

All these things will cut down your expenses so that you have extra money to go out at least once a week!

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    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 5 years ago from South Africa

      thank you,it's difficult but can be done!

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 5 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Great tips and ideas , by cutting a few corners we can manage to save quite a bit. Well done.