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How to Live Your Dream

Updated on June 8, 2015

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step to Achieving Lasting Happiness?

Everyone has a dream and everyone wants to find a way to live their dream to the best of their abilities. Of course, life is all about doing what makes you happy and surrounding yourself with people who add value to your daily existence. Doing what you love is no mean feat – it requires getting out there and putting your best foot forward. Going for that job you’ve always dreamed about, putting a smile on your dial and rubbing shoulders with those folks who really bring out the best in you. That’s what building happiness is all about. A purposeful life is one that is fuelled by your passion and it often encompasses the perfect balance between your work and personal life.

A Fabulous Life awaits you and here’s How to Get It!

What You Can Do To Live a Meaningful Life

There is no Holy Grail to living your dream since everyone is unique. However, there are ways that you can use to put your life on track by discovering those inner qualities that propel you to do whatever it is that you want to do. The good news is that whatever it is that drives you, you can focus on that and take steps to achieve your goals. For many folks, it all begins with whatever interests you. These take the form of hobbies such as investing, stamp collecting, writing articles to newspapers, sports activities and the like. How you choose to spend your time is an important determinant of how much happiness you derive from your daily activities. Now, if your hobbies are activities that you could generate income from then you’re on a winning wicket. Hobbies are often interrelated with a person’s unique skill set. In much the same way as everyone has a dream, everyone has something they can offer the world. To discover one’s inner gift is the first step in your journey towards a meaningful life.

How To Live Your Dream Life

Using Your Skills to Generate Income

People’s skills, talents and abilities are evident in the activities they undertake on a daily basis. These include work-related activities, personal activities, educational achievements and more. Knowing what you enjoy doing – however abstract, obscure, interesting or mundane – is integral to your understanding of where you want to go in life. Sometimes it’s all about the people you choose to work with, or enjoy working with. Many folks have a preference for working in an office setting, while others prefer working from home. Whatever your preference it’s important to be true to yourself with whatever it is that you end up doing. Consider for a moment that your work is one of the most important aspects of your daily life. It takes up the bulk of your week and you should at least spend the time enjoying making money and advancing your career.

Of course finding meaning in life is not all about work, since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Tap into your inner self and explore your musical talents, your artistic and creative side and unearth those aspects of yourself that are innately you. By learning about your own attributes you will be in a better position to aspire towards self-actualization. Oftentimes when we are in the mindset of trying to discover precisely what it is that makes us happy, we overlook what made us happy in the past. From the moment you were born until the present day, you have experienced tremendous joy and achievement. Every achievement that has been satisfied leads you on another journey towards bigger and better achievements. Sometimes, we seek to recapture the happiness of past achievements to rekindle the success we felt at the time. In all these endeavors, there is one constant – yourself. Wherever you go, there you will be and finding out what is important to yourself is your #1 priority.

Sometimes it’s all about improving yourself even when you’re on a path to success. By advancing your career, you will foster an attitude of ‘success breeding success’. Continuing education in the form of associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, post-graduate degrees or certifications are always an option on your path towards growth, enlightenment and advancement. Cutting corners to save money on education is not necessarily the right approach to adopt, since better education provides for better employment prospects. A caveat is in order though – evaluate the time needed to advance a career against your earning potential and graduation prospects. If you find that a net gain situation is possible, you should take the proverbial bull by the horns.

Be Passionate About Life & Recognize Available Opportunities

Some folks are eager to be married, settle down and start a family. Others are content to live the single life, advance a career and sow their wild oats. Whatever it is that you want, wherever it is that you are on the spectrum, there is always a reason for you to feel passionate about your goals. It all begins with a clear vision of where you want to be and then working backwards to achieve those pre-stated goals. Remember that dreams can be visualized and attained, but you have to want them to come true and you have to seize opportunities when they are available. It harkens back to the story of a man marooned on an island with rising waters. As the waters rise and the man finds himself drowning, he turns down help on three different occasions. He rejects a yacht, then a cruise ship and finally a helicopter. On each occasion he tells his rescuers that his God will save him and rejects their help. When he finally dies and goes to heaven, he beseeches God and asks why he was allowed to drown. God responds by saying he sent the man help on three separate occasions but all were rejected.

Building a Financial Plan

With new found resolve, you are ready to begin constructing a life of purpose. And nothing greases the wheels better than money. There are many ways to create your financial roadmap and backwards planning is definitely one of the better methods of doing things. You may be someone who is capable of saving a percentage of your salary every month; you may have a penchant for numbers on the stock exchange. Whatever your bent in life, you can quite easily apply your savvy for the purposes of building a bankroll. Investing incremental amounts in a 401k plan or a CD with fixed-interest bearing capacity are some of the many ways to get started. If you have knowledge of the stock market, you may prefer to dabble in the bulls and bears of Wall Street. Here are some options available to you to get your bank account bubbling over:

  • Invest in a business idea that you have faith in
  • Invest in stocks that you have an interest in
  • Trade binary options at a reputable broker
  • Try mutual funds if you are averse to investing in individual stocks
  • Take 10% of your salary and stick it away in an interest-bearing account
  • Work on passive income ideas like room rentals, house rentals or royalties

Everyone wants to increase their income, and why not? Income is the fuel that drives our abilities to live our lives to the best of our potential. But is income the sole determinant of a life well lived? Not necessarily – but it certainly helps. In Western culture, most everything is driven by material possession, the success of the individual and our status in life. And this culture has pervaded every country, bar none. So if you are thinking of boosting your available disposable income, there are many unique ways to do this, including:

  • Eat out less and cook more
  • Set a budget and don’t deviate from it
  • Think twice about spending money on the latest fads
  • Vacation out of season and avoid the exorbitant costs
  • Create an emergency fund for those eventualities that will arise
  • Take on additional part-time work if you are cash-strapped
  • Find creative ways to generate sustainable income streams in a fraction of the time

The options for generating additional income are endless and only limited by your desire to see them through to fruition!


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