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How to Live on $100/month

Updated on March 16, 2011

Living on $100/month is challenging but with having all your options at your fingertips, it will make living this lifestyle better.  I will provide you with some options that you may have not know existed and hopefully will make your choices easier.

Living on $100/month

Shelter and transportation are the majority of most households budget busters, limiting these will be the key to living on $100/month.

1. Shelter - Living in a van or old bus, using a tent in the woods, building a tree house out of scrap wood, living in an abandoned house, renting a apartment and subleasing to roomates, renting a room, housesitting and getting paid to live at peoples houses why they are away, and living with family.

2. Transportation - Riding bike, walking, taking a bus or train, car sharing, renting a car, borrowing a friends car and taking a taxi.

3. Food/storage/hygiene - Dumpster dive or plant a garden.  Get a gym membership for $40/month for the gym locker, shower, hygiene, and staying in shape.


Living on $100/month is possible buy not easy.  You will have to think outside the box to survive on this slim of a budget.  You can survive and thrive on $100/month while saving your money to better your living arangements.


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