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How to Make Extra Money From Work

Updated on May 9, 2012

How would you like to make a extra few bucks from work. You won't get rich but maybe enough to put an extra gallon or two a week in for gas. However in order to do these most places will require you asking permission and most places I have found have no problem with it.

Collecting Coins

Businesses pay no attention to what coins or bills go through their tills. These coins and bills if not given back in change will end up in a deposit to the bank. Cashiers and employees are not trained to look for anything worth more then face value. If you know what to look for you can make a bit on the side.
This requires that you work in a place that deals with money to collect coins. Now for example I find a silver dime once or twice a week obviously face value is ten cents, silver value however is around 1.75. I have a local coin shop that buys collectable coins and gold and silver. I usually save up about a dollar face value at a time and take it to them. That dime fetches from them about 1.40 or about 75-80% for a quick sell. If you are in no hurry and use Ebay alot you can usually get about 90-95% of silver value. I would recommend saving up a bit before going that route to make it worthwhile with the fees and all. A good place to get silver coin values is I would suggest also to shop around for the coin shop to use as to which offers the most for your silver and other coins.
Other coins to keep an eye out for are wheat pennies. They generally fetch 1.5 to 2 cents each sounds like a very little amount but I can find 3-5 a day and that is a 150-200% return. Some however can be worth quite a bit more. There are also Mercury Dimes, Buffalo Nickels, some foreign coins and more. I would recommend investing in a price guide book for a better idea what to watch for. Also you can look to here:
In order to go about collecting coins requires having some change or bills on hand to buy the coins/bills. What takes place is you put in the face value of the coin/bill therefore the business isn't losing money. Some managers or owners might ask if you decide to collect coins from a drawer put the change that you want to buy off to the side in the drawer. Most cash drawers have an extra change and bill slot that doesn't get used or is used to hold rolled coins. At the end of your shift or in front of a manager buy the coins then so there is no issues that you might be suspected of stealing.


Does your state participate in a bottle/can return program? If so your in luck many businesses do not have a recycling bin or turn in bottles themselves. Ask a manager if you can put in a trash can or for low cost a large deep box with a trash liner and mark it "Bottles and Cans Please NO Trash". Ask other employees to start using it for recyclable cans and bottles. In the state that I live in its 5 cents for each can/bottle some states are 10 cents each. I know the guy at my work gets about 3-5 dollars a week from this.

Reusing Cardboard

Ok this one sounds weird but I know of a guy that does it. He takes cardboard and makes things out of it. I know he makes tables and stands and other odds and ends. They are pretty sturdy but obviously to much weight and they would collapse. He cuts and folds them then tapes it together with duct tape. After he finishes a piece he sells it for a couple bucks not to get rich but people buy them and find them interesting and a good recycling project. It requires a bit of imagination and work but can quite fun and profitable.


Some businesses throw out broken pallets and some places I know even throw out perfectly good pallets. There are many different options you can do with these some can be torn apart and sold as scrap wood. Some can be repaired easily by taking a couple broken ones and using the good pieces to make a good one. These can easily be resold either back to businesses or individuals. The pallets themselves can be used in great projects such as the ones my wife uses for a garden. Other great uses for pallets can be found here:


If you have any other good ideas such as these to save or make extra money from work I would love to hear them. As with most of these options make sure you get a manager or owners approval so you don't get in trouble for it. Like I said though most places seem to not have a problem with most of these ideas they just have no interest in doing it themselves.


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    • buckey777 profile image

      Thomas Mitchell 5 years ago from Bangor, Maine

      Great idea harmony155 forgot about that one. My grandfather use to do that.

    • harmony155 profile image

      harmony155 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      You could also collect coke product caps and use them to collect points towards merchandise on