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How to Make Money Online: Proofreading...

Updated on October 24, 2012
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If you find you’re always spotting other people’s spelling/grammar mistakes (rather than your own!), then proofreading might be for you.

I’m bringing up proofreading as a potential online income earner because it’s something you could provide as a complementary service to a client you might already write for. It wouldn't be for the actual pieces you already write for the client (because, of course, proofreading is a given for that), but for any existing content he/she might already have, such as on a website or blog. If so, you might want to go through some of the web pages to check for any content errors. If there are, then you could approach the client with your findings and offer to proofread the rest for a charge, perhaps offering a discount.

You could also try the same approach for people you don’t currently write for – sites where it’s considered really important to have error-free content.

Search online for free e-books...

Here's another idea: You could look for free ebooks online, download a few, proofread them, then send emails to the authors with their now proofread e-book. Tell them what you’ve done, that there’s no charge for it this time and that you’re available for future paid work. Be prepared to get some replies or none at all, but it’s a way to potentially get more clients.

Where (else) you could find proofreading jobs…

- websites that offer a writing/proofreading/editing service

- high-end businesses

- pays $1 for every 250 words you proofread/edit. I worked for them some time ago, so the rate might very well have changed since then.

- proofreading gigs advertised on Craigslist

- any forums where people are looking for or offering content-writing services (e.g., Digital Point forum, Wicked Fire forum)

Good luck...

The strategies I mentioned have worked for me in the past, albeit to quite a limited extent. It is worth a try, though, as you never know where these ideas could take you.



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