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How to Make Money during Memorial Day

Updated on June 3, 2013

Doing Productive Stuffs on Memorial Day

Every last Monday on the month of May, US citizens are celebrating Memorial Day to give honor to those men and women who have died for the country through military services. Cemeteries and memorials are indeed full of people who pay visit to their loved ones. American flags are displayed on each grave to give honor to the patriotism of these people who gave up their lives for the wellness of America.

Now, in an entrepreneur’s perspective, occasions like these can be great sources of income. This is one way of being creative in making money selling unique items. Since millions of people from the United States are celebrating this event, indeed, providing them your souvenir products can help you generate money.

Thing You Can Do To Make Money on Memorial Day

1) Since American Flags are in demand on this affair, you may produce unique flags with different sizes, which is perfect for all ages to buy.

2) If you have artistic works in creating T-shirt designs, you can make some quotes or any templates that would relate to the event and print it to your shirts. Be considerate on the solemnity of the occasion by using images and words that respect the event.

3) You can also produce souvenirs like mugs, balloons, and more. During Memorial Day, some US families are reunited. You can offer them your memento items so they can bring something after they have attended an important occasion with their loved ones.

How You Should Market Your Products?

You have the options to sell your products during the event or prior to the occasion. Online tools are great stuffs you can use in order to promote the items that you are selling. Just apply some marketing strategies if you would like to earn more profits. Target US people from the event location because these people are the ones interested in buying those flags and mugs.

Before the occasion, do a canvass like giving some samples of your products and evaluate how people would be interested in having your items. In this way, you will be able to know if you will not be wasting your time and money producing those items. Make it sure that you can dispose all your items, which means increasing your sales.

This could be a great start of your business because a Memorial Day happens every year and there are still hundreds of US country occasions where you can do the same thing.

Memorial Day is a big event for the Armed Forces of Unites States of America. Aside from the significance of the event to the heroes of US, this occasion is also the turn signal of the start of the summer season. Therefore, you can extend you making money goals up to the summer season doing more stuffs that are productive.

Making money from big events of our country is never a sign of disrespect to the occasion. It is just making use of the number of people who are involved in the affair, which could be potential clients of our products and services.


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