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How to Make Money Easily

Updated on July 26, 2015

Sometimes we just need and extra money. Or sometimes we just hate our current job and want to try something new, without having to take risks or quitting our job without knowing what will be the results.

Here are some ways to make extra money, be it doing something, be it selling something you already have, be it re-selling stuff.

Selling Old Stuff

You probably have lots of old stuff that you don't want or need anymore at home. Sometimes this stuff takes lots of space and you would be glad to be free from it. And maybe someone somewhere would want to pay something for this stuff.
It can be clothes, shoes, art, records, books, vintage items, furniture, anything. If you own some really old, vintage things, for example, you can sell or even auction it for a good money on sites like EBay. Many people are fond of vintage styles, like 70's or 80's stuff. These items are very sought after. If it is something from some famous brand or label, people will pay lots of money for it. Jewelry, not only fine jewelry, but also good quality fashion jewelry, are also sought after. Normal used clothes and not so valuable items can also be sold at garage shops and second-hand shops.

Working Freelance

Do you have something you can do really well, be it drawing, writing, programming, anything? You can offer your work freelance at sites like Fiverr or You can also make small services for other people, like painting, fixing things, gardening, cutting the grass, etc. There are sites like NearJob and Guru where you can offer services at your location.
You can also make microjobs. These are unskilled work that will usually pay some cents each task made, that can complement your earnings. Stuff like surveys, reviews, sharing content. Sites like Microworkers offer such tasks.

Selling stuff you make

Do you have some special talent? Painting, drawing, sewing, crocheting, knitting, embroiding, or some craft? You can sell what you do, be it online or somewhere where you can expose your work, even at home if you have a good network. In the past housewives would help making extra money doing this kind of stuff in their free time.

Reselling stuff

Sites like EBay, AliExpress and similars offer products directly from China, India and other countries where stuff is cheaper. These can be bought wholesale, but at small quantities, and usually take one or two months to arrive. Today almost everything is made in China and other developing countries, as the cost of producing overseas is smaller. It is then resold for twice or trice the original price in richer countries. Since few people will want to wait two months to get that piece of clothing he/she just loved, when he/she can buy it right where he/she lives or buy it online and wait just some days until it's delivered. You can sell it online or to your friends, if you have a good network. Just be sure to chose something people would want to buy. Do not take risks: buy low quantities, so that you can cover the costs if it doesn't sell.

An Opportunity to Start your Own Business

Maybe your way to just make some extra money will end up being so sucessful it becomes a way to make a living. Many people make a living by setting online shops, selling their artwork or crafts or working freelance. As time passes, you will find out what stuff sells more than others, what suppliers are more trustable and offer better products, and maybe become sucessful at your business.


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