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How to Make More Money Writing Articles Online?

Updated on June 2, 2015

Write Quality Articles

If you want to make more money writing articles, then the most important thing to do is write quality articles. If your articles sound good and flow well your clients will appreciate your work and order more content from you.

Many clients may accept your below average or average articles, but that is it. The clients that purchased the articles will not come back to you for buying more articles. Before final delivery of your finished pieces, make sure you check them properly for any grammar and spelling error.

So, always try to deliver your best work. If you think an average work will be approved just because this happened in the past you might not be lucky this time. If you do submit, not only your content may be rejected but also the clients might never accept anything from you ever again.

Write on Topics You Have Knowledge In

If you have just started or have been writing for sometimes online, take on writing jobs or projects you have good knowledge in. You will be able to deliver on time without much efforts on your part. You can then, move on to find other projects.

If you choose topics you have next to nothing interest in, but want to write about just for the sake of earning some money, chances are you will end up being felt burned out. Writing on unfamiliar topics can take a lot of unnecessary stress. What best you can do is research topics that you have little knowledge in and that interest you in your spare time, i.e., when you are not working on active projects. Gain some insightful aspects of these topics so that you can write on them at a later time.

You will come across many such topics that are being advertised to be written on but you have no interest in or have little knowledge in. Do not take on this projects for you may not deliver what your clients are looking for. In stead focus on topics that you have solid knowledge in and can write on quickly.

Write Articles Online and Earn


Write for Both Upfront Pay and Residual Income Content Websites

Write for Online Articles Writing Jobs Websites

If you need money fast to pay your bills or you want to save up for future use, then writing for upfront pay writing websites is the best way to go. There are several reputable upfront pay article writing websites you can sign up with and start picking the writing jobs without having to need to bid on them. You can write a few articles easily daily on these sites to build up your earnings quickly.

Look for Writing Jobs on Bidding Websites

You can also take on writing jobs on bidding websites, but it may take time to land a job or more as the process involved hiring the writers can take a while. However, if you apply on jobs consistently, you will end up landing on a job or more and get paid eventually. Many writers actually earn more money from bidding websites through writing articles online.

Write Articles for Upfront Pay Content Websites

Many websites are buying quality articles upfront. You can run a search on Google and other major search engines entering the appropriate keywords, such as " Get Paid to Write Articles", to find out these websites that buy articles. Usually, these websites have a "Write for Us" page or/and a submission form through which you can send along your articles for approval. If the site owners or editors approve your articles you will get paid immediately. There are many upfront payment writing websites that need fresh content. Try these sites out and also write to webmasters and ask them if you could write articles for their sites for a fee.

Write Articles for Revenue Sharing Content Websites

Writing for residual or revenue sharing websites may seem unpromising in the beginning for it actually takes relatively long time before you could see any money being generated for you. However, many writers enjoy writing for these websites and they are earning quite a handsome amount of money comfortably every month. These writers did the hard work, wrote great articles many months ago and they still do write.

Do not expect to earn a lot of money by writing for these revenue sharing websites unless you have published a large body of work and done a bit of marketing online. But there is serious money to be made from these websites. If you want to make more money writing articles, start writing more quality articles and publish them on reputable revenue sharing writing websites, such as HubPages.

Bottom Lines

You can make substantial money writing articles online for individuals and businesses. If you want to earn more with your article writing services, make sure you take several writing routes mentioned above. There are many more ways to earn more by writing articles, but these are some of the best you could rely on.


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